Professor Abdul Rasul Sayyaf - 9/11’s True Mastermind

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf was a Godfather figure in Afghan politics during NATO’s twenty year occupation of Afghanistan - controlling events from the shadows  through his proxies. Yet he remains barely mentioned by the mainstream media. That obscurity was enabled by virtually every official, institution & journalist commenting on Afghanistan failing to report on him or his history despite these publicly documented facts:

“The first semester commences in three weeks.
Two high schools and two universities. ...
This summer will surely be hot ...
19 certificates for private education and four exams.
Regards to the professor. Goodbye.”

While I refer to Sayyaf as a Warlord, his common honorific title is ‘Ustad’ - which means ‘Professor’. There can be little doubt that ‘the Professor’ referred to in the 9/11 hijacker’s  last message was Sayyaf and that the salutation referred to his having gained access to Ahmad Shah Massoud for the two assassins. Pictured here is Sayyaf’s old official twitter account for which he used his honorific title ‘Ustad’, meaning ‘Professor’.

9/11 was a two part mission - first the physical attacks on the United States mainland, and then the second part was the framing of bin Laden and the Taliban in order to provoke an invasion of Afghanistan by the USA.

And yet despite his factual relationship with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (9/11’s Engineer) and his blindingly obvious role in international terrorism (Abu Sayyaf are named after him!) Sayyaf was:

  • Paid a $100,000* retainer by CIA operative Gary Schroen in October 2001
  • ‘strongly supported’ by NATO during their occupation of Afghanistan. 
  • ran for President in the 2014 elections, gaining 7.1% of the first round votes.
  • was chairman of the 2019 Kabul Peace Loya Jirga (which was a disaster)

That ‘strong support’ for Sayyaf may stem from him being described as “the Arab’s fair-haired child” in the declassified 1985 CIA report picture below and linked here.  

sayyaf fair haired boy

That declassified CIA report states Sayyaf was the principle conduit for the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to the 1980s Mujahideen cause by Arab Gulf states. Sayyaf’s fellow Mujahideen allege he misappropriated a large portion of those donations to finance his own insurgent group. I believe those misappropriated donations were passed to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Filipino Abu Sayyaf group, and other international terrorist groups Sayyaf backed. Sayyaf is a natural ally to the Saudis because he is a virulent Wahhabi, a determined misogynist and has very strong religious and ethnic prejudices. 

Sayyaf is my prime candidate for being behind (through his proxies like Daesh) the horrific bombing campaign against the Hazara Shia peoples in Afghanistan, specifically the horrific double bombing of a Hazara protest in 2016 Kabul. The Hazara were protesting the rerouting of a multi-million dollar power line project (TUTAP), initially recommended to pass through the predominantly Hazara Bamyan Province. A double suicide bombing attacked the peaceful protest, killing at least ninety-seven and injuring hundreds more. The Afghanistan government had re-routed the planned power line away from Bamyan Province to instead pass through the Salang Pass and across land controlled by a close relative of Sayyaf. 

Sayyaf also stands accused of perpetrating the worst crimes of the Afghan civil war (the ‘human butchery’ of Shias in Kabul) which ran from 1992 until 1996, when the Taliban finally took control of the capital from Sayyaf’s forces. When the Taliban took control of Kabul again, in August 2021, Sayyaf was one of the first Afghan politicians to flee Kabul (disappearing between high level meetings in Kabul on 14 August 2021) as the Taliban waited patiently on the outskirts of the city.

31 July 2021 - Abdul Rasul Sayyaf present at an Afghan government meeting:  

sayyaf kabul July 2021

14 August 2021 - Sayyaf was present at an earlier meeting but is missing here, the last ever NATO backed Afghan government assembly: 

Sayyaf’s intimate relationship with NATO is illustrated well in these images:  

US General Scott Miller, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf & Asadullah Khalid celebrating NATO’s 70th anniversary in 2019. Asadullah Khalid was accused by Canadian diplomat Chris Alexander of orchestrating the murder of five United Nations employees in 2007. It was alleged those murders were intended to protect Khalid’s own extensive opium trade interests. Khalid is described as being one of Sayyaf’s ‘top Lieutenants’.

NATO’s senior civilian representative, Italian Stefano Pontecorvo, publicly expressing NATO’s  “strong support” for Abdul Rasul Sayyaf in 2018:

sayyaf nato 22

United States army General John Nicholson literally bowing and scraping to Sayyaf in 2016. Nicholson was visiting Sayyaf for a meeting over lunch at Sayyaf’s secure base near Kabul:

IMAGE: A headline story from the British Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Prior to those 2019, 2018 and 2016 very public meetings with and endorsements of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf by NATO (detailed on page above), Sayyaf had run in the 2014 Afghan Presidential election.

Thirteen years after 9/11 and in the middle of our occupation of Afghanistan, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s boss had a real chance of becoming the NATO backed President of Afghanistan. Fortunately for NATO’s public relations department, Sayyaf was eliminated in the first round but he did garner a respectable 7.1% of the vote.

Of all the images of or about Sayyaf that I’ve collated since 2014, this is perhaps my ‘favourite’. It shows Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s employer, trainer and mentor) shaking hands with ex-CIA director and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a 2019 visit to Kabul: 

sayyaf pompeo

(Performing one of the greatest photo-bombs ever is Hazara leader Mohammad Karim Khalili)

My knowledge of and interest in Abdul Rasul Sayyaf began two years after my 2012 service with the British army in Helmand Afghanistan, when I saw Sayyaf was running in the 2014 Presidential elections. I sent my first query about Sayyaf’s role in Afghanistan to the British embassy in Kabul. That query - to which I never received a reply - is pictured below:

In May 2015, six months after sending that email about Sayyaf to the British embassy, I found my photos from my 1997 visit to Yemen. That was when I realised that ‘the Engineer’ I’d been introduced to there was in fact Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s protege: 

HSA compare ksm yousef copy

The New Yorker magazine article titled:“Who was involved in the murder of Ahmad Shah Massoud?”

This information (and many other supporting reports) are the basis for my belief that Abdul Rasul Sayyaf was behind the murder of Ahmad Shah Massoud. The 9/11 hijackers booked their flight tickets for the attacks about three weeks before 9/11, which coincides with when Sayyaf gained access to Massoud for the assassins. That ‘coincidence’ of timing gives even greater significance to the hijackers last message sent the Ramzi bin al-Shibh in Germany. Sayyaf’s honorific title is Ustad which means professor:

“The first semester commences in three weeks.
Two high schools and two universities. ...
This summer will surely be hot ...
19 certificates for private education and four exams.
Regards to the professor. Goodbye.”

My meeting with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed occurred on the last day of a six day business trip to the Hayel Saeed Anam Group - a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate that I now know to have been intimately connected to the British and US Deep State, to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to Al Qa’idah (that is the correct spelling) and to 9/11:

 This image shows the lead page of the CIA’s 1985 assessment of Sayyaf (linked here)

And this image pictures CIA operative Gary Schroen, the cover of his book ‘First In’, and references Schroen’s own claim that he paid Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (KSM’s boss) $100,000* in October 2001. *I suspect that payment was ten or one-hundred times larger than Schroen claims given the billions of dollars Sayyaf must have recieved from Arab Gulf nations.  

This image shows CIA contractor Billy Waugh (who admits training ‘al Qaeda’ in 1990s Yemen) and his fellow US Special Forces veteran Dave Dean. Waugh trained Dean in MACV-SOG during the Vietnam war. Dave Dean was my work colleague from 1988 to 1998, the US sales agent for my employer who sent me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company in 1997 Yemen. 

Based on my first-hand experiences in Yemen, my first-hand knowledge of the reality of NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan, and my subsequent research about KSM, Sayyaf, the CIA, etc, here’s my theory about Osama bin Laden’s role in 9/11 - HE DID NOT HAVE ONE. I believe bin Laden and the Taliban were framed by KSM and Abdul Rasul Sayyaf to provoke a US invasion of Afghanistan - a Machiavellian plot supported by Deep State elements of MI6 and the CIA. 

Despite fleeing Afghanistan a day before the Taliban entered Kabul on 15 August 2021, Sayyaf remains active in promoting an insurgency against the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. I believe strongly that Sayyaf is using his Daesh proxies to continue the horrific bombing campaign against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and specifically the Shia Hazara peoples. Sayyaf was last reported to be being hosted by NATO member Turkey, as shown in this tweet from January 2022:

A cropped image of Sayyaf’s mentions in the 2004 9/11 Military Commission report: 

And details of Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s role in establishing the Abu Sayyaf Group (named in Sayyaf’s honour) that has operated in the Philippines and Indonesia since 1989: 

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian