1 Nov 2017, Discovery: Al Qa’idah, my 1997 meeting location found

I found my al Qaeda meeting location on google maps - as I zoomed out I saw the name of the town - al Qaidah. This is a meeting that I have long suspected may have been with al Qaeda; I had found (and visited!) Al Qaeda’s original base in Yemen, one mile from Al Qa’idah town.  I immediately emailed a detailed description of my 1997 meeting location to the British Counter Terrorism Command (CTC), aka SO15

Concurrent event: On 3 November 2017 Saudi heir Mohamad bin Salman begins his palace coup with mass arrests, imprisonment at the Ritz hotel in Riyadh, torture, extortion and deaths of the formerly powerful figures. This included Saudi Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin dying in a helicopter 'crash’ as he was fleeing for the border.


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