GMP Making Up the Law to Suit Itself

According to Greater Manchester Police detectives Wilton (14240), Gilbert (14480) & Mills (18806), allegations of British [military] involvement in an offense in Afghanistan would be the responsibility of the Afghan authorities to investigate:

According to the Armed Forces Act of 2006, British service personnel: 

“… remain subject to English criminal law… 

And the UK's state responsibility under international law for the actions of members of its Armed Forces in such circumstances remains."


Greater Manchester Police detectives Wilton (14240), Gilbert (14480) & Mills (18806) are all guilty of making up the law. GMP have refused to investigate irrifutable evidence that British army officers were 100% complicit in the production of a class A drug - opium, tonnes of it.

Those GMP officers have perverted the course of justice and their superiors up to and including Chief Inspector Dave Gilbride have closed ranks to protect them. Both the original crime and the subsequent coverup remain investigated.

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