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(Updated 17 June 2021)

Before my September 1997 business trip to Yemen my works manager gave me all the customer information he had available. I copied that information into my own customer database, as shown in the first image below.

 The false company name ‘Genpak’ was given by the purchase agents (Longulf Trading) when they ordered the machine in Chicago. It was clear they'd made the name up on the spur of the moment: a first cause for suspicion.

Longulf refused to give a delivery address and said the machine should be delivered to the main airport in the capital city of Sanaa and that they would take care of it from there: a second cause for suspicion.

The “9/97 Service” entry referred to a planned service visit to a machine we’d sold to the same people (but apparently not the same customer) previously. The machine serial number “3392" indicates a sale made in 1993 and the contact name “Ahmed Alrobaidi” had been collected by the technician who'd installed that machine, my brother Paul. Paul lived in the USA in the 1990s working directly for our US sales agent Dave Dean, a man I now know to have been linked to the CIA and very likely responsible for both these machine sales to Yemen. It is that 1993 sale and installation by a technician working directly for Dave Dean that makes me believe the CIA were providing material support to al Qaeda in Yemen from at least 1993, helping them setup front companies. 

In 1997 I didn’t meet Ahmed Alrobaidi but the managing director of the factory I visited was called Saeed Alrobaidi - I have guessed that Ahmed and Saeed Alrobaidi may be related. This second database entry is one I created in Yemen, on the last day of my visit:

It was the customer's Pakistani employees who told me the correct company name, ‘Yempak’, and explained its meaning too - a Yemeni / Pakistani collaboration.

I wasn't given the factory address in 1997 but I did discover that (PO Box 5302 Taiz) and confirmed the company name ‘Yempak’ in 2015 when I found an online business listing for the company.

Saeed Alrobaidi’s name is spelt wrong on my database entry - he had pronounced his name to me as “Al Obadi” and as I entered it into my palm top database I had asked if the “Al” just meant “The”. He replied yes and in my ignorance I had dropped “The” from his surname, changing it from 'Alrobaidi' to plain ‘Obadi’.

“Mr Dino - Man” was Ahmed al-Darbi, a Saudi national and al Qaeda’s mechanic. I was given the name “Shawki Alariki” and his telephone number by the customer for my security - I was told that if I had any problems outside the factory I should call that number and ask for that man.

Combining the first-hand information above with the US Ambassador's (Barbara Bodine) assertions about al Qaeda in Yemen (copied below), I have determined that both the 1993 and 1997 machine sales were specifically intended to provide cover for the front companies (warehouses) where the foreign national al Qaeda members were being hosted. 

bodine yemen al qaeda

Extending that assertion implicates the two contacts I was given, Ahmed and Saeed Alrobaidi, as being party to establishing those terrorist cell front companies. The fact it was Saeed Alrobaidi who introduced me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and arranged my visit to the base besides al Qaidah town in 1997 puts his guilt beyond any doubt for me. My assertion about Ahmed Alrobaidi’s guilt is based only on circumstances and my assumptions.

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