18 July 2023 - Graham Brady MP Denies Me My Constitutent Right to Parliamentary Representation

by Anthony C Heaford  —  22 July 2023

On 25 March 2017, after two years of British security services ignoring my reports of terrorist activity, I had a constituency surgery meeting with my member of parliament Graham Brady MP. I passed him a dossier of intelligence I’d prepared regarding my 1997 business trip to Yemen, my meetings with suspected Al Qaeda members and my conversations about a 9/11 style attack - all matters that occured in 1997 Yemen. Graham Brady MP agreed to share that dossier on my behalf; it’s copied below:

Two days later Mr Brady wrote saying he’d forwarded it to the ‘relevent organisations’, but refused to say who to. An eighteen month freedom of information battle followed. Finally, in September 2018, the information commissioner ruled in my favour and Brady was forced to reveal who he'd shared my 9/11 Intel dossier with:

 The US embassy’s political officer Thomas Williams, 

 Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Commitee chair Dominic Grieve MP, 

and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

The US Military Commission investigating 9/11 contacted me a year later, on 9 March 2018, prompted I assume by Thomas Williams passing them my 9/11 dossier. The US military commission investigating 9/11 said: 

“We are interested in meeting you for interview. Please let us know your availability, if this is possible. 
We are very interested in your insight and knowledge regarding the subject matter you’ve researched"

Such contact by Military Commission investigators can’t be made without the express permission of the Military Commission’s prosecutors and judiciary. It’s therefore certain my case was discussed at the closed hearings at the US military prison/court during the February/March 2017 pre-trial hearings held just before they contacted me.

Upon receipt of the above request to interview by the US Military commission I called British security services to confirm they were aware, as a foriegn military (US in this case) can’t carry out such work in a third country (Manchester, England as they proposed) without the express permission from the host nation, Britain in this case. I described the situation over the phone to a British security services employee. Their response, before abruptly hanging up, was:

Not our problem."

I declined the US Military Commission invitation to interview due to the British Security Services' reaction, the Military Commission's refusal to discuss my witness status, and my own suspicions about their true intentions and integrity, suspicions that later proved to be very prudent judgements (the US Military Cimmission is riddled with corruption and the investigators who contacted me had trashed my testimony three months before, in a New York Times interview with 9/11 Dept of Defense attorney Alka Pradhan).

In September 2019 I received my first formal correspondence from British police on this matter. Seemingly ignoring my March 2017 dossier submitted to the British Secret Intelligence Service, Greater Manchester Police referred me to the local civilian managed Prevent [terrorism] scheme after accusing me of claiming to work for Al Qaeda. I forwarded them the email from Graham brady MP copied below and Greater Manchester Police apologised (in the letter also copied below), saying they’d made a mistake (THEY LIED & MADE UP EVIDENCE), and confirming that I had worked in a known terrrorist operational area:

There’s been no overt follow-up by British security services, althought the their plain clothed police and other  assets have spied on me relentlessly, including via my NHS doctors who had fully colluded with counter terrorism police officers investigating me, whilst refusing to disclose those conversations to me. I've recorded many of my reports to British security services, two are copied below, but they have NEVER followed up or respected my requests to be interviewed with legal representation present:

Having failed to address this gross misconduct in public office by so many British officials - they are literally protecting the 9/11 terrorists’ financiers and facilitators - I appealed to Home Secretary Priti Patel who simply referred me back to the corrupt institutions I was telling her were already protecting terrorist financiers in Britain:

Most recently I’ve tried to appeal to the Prime Minister via my member of parliament Graham Brady, with a constituent surgery appointment, booked weeks in advance for 17:30 21 July 2023 Despite confirming that appointment just days before, Brady’s Westminister officer arbitarially cancelled the meeting with three days notice and banning me from booking any future consultations, removing my consituent right to parliamentary representation:

Mr Brady previously said, as an MP, he: “cannot intervene in legal matters, investigations, or court cases" 

Implicit in Mr Brady’s emails is that I am subject to legal matters, investigations, or court cases instigated by British authorities. I have no knowledge of any such legal matters or court cases, other than my being surreptitiously spied on and surveilled by British security services. I've endured years of retribution by other British entities and individuals for my reporting Al Qaeda’s presence in 1997 Yemen, and the NATO crimes I witnessed in Helmand 2012 when serving with the British army there. I am being physically (medical malpractice) and psycologically tortured by the British State, including by accusing me of being a potential terrorist. All this is going on despite their being no response to my dossier submitted to the Secret Intellligence Service & parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee in March 2017.


The British State, specifically police and other security agencies, are actively blocking investigation into the London and Manchester based financiers and facilitators of 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. They are silencing me, a witness, by obstructing credible investigation of my substantiated claims of having met Al Qaeda members in 1997 Yemen, and by blocking my access to parliamentary representation via my member of parliament Sir Graham brady MP since 11 February 2021, as per the email above.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian