My 9/11 Warnings, given in 1997 Canada, Yemen & New York

After conceiving of a 9/11 style attack while on a business flight from Logan airport Boston to Toronto and giving my first very specific warning in June 1997, my employer sent me to Yemen that September. The customer’s employees in Yemen asked me about visiting New York as tourists and I repeated my travel warning of a 9/11 style hijacking, describing the method including box cutters. I discussed the likelihood of and outcome from such an attack over dinner a few days later, in a meeting setup by my customer’s managing director, Saeed Alrobadi.

I gave my last and clearest 9/11 warning in December 1997 while visiting a customer in Brooklyn New York, within sight of the World Trade Centre. My warnings were that the same terrorist group that bombed the WTC in 1993 would exploit Logan airport’s lack of security to hijack a plane and use it as a missile to attack the WTC.

My last warning given to Dan Barkochba of Ultra-Flex at 975 Essex Street Brooklyn in December included mention of my recent conversations and meetings in Yemen and my need to speak with the security officials Dan Barkochba said he would pass my details on to. I was never contacted back - Signed Anthony C Heaford

12 June 1997 — Sunworthy Decorative wallpaper printers, Toronto Canada

22 September 1997 — YemPak, PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen

25 September 1997 — Over dinner with Yousef in Taiz 

December 1997 — Ultra Flex Packaging, Brooklyn New York

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© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian