Al Qaidah - A Brief History

By Anthony C Heaford, October 2019

Clear your mind of all you’ve heard or read about ‘al Qaeda’ - from declassified CIA reports through to the most scholarly articles, books, documentaries and mini-series - everything you think you know is based upon a lie: 

Al Qaeda was never intended to be the group’s name; al Qaidah is a 700-year old town in Yemen with an insurgent’s special forces training base established in 1988 nearby.

al qaidah meme

Al Qaidah, The Military base

1174 AD - One of history’s greatest military minds was a Kurdish Sunni Muslim called Saladin. Born in 1137 in Tikrit (in modern day Iraq), by the age of thirty-seven he'd risen to become the Sultan of Egypt. In 1174 Saladin set off to conquer Syria and sent his brother to conquer Yemen. It was Saladin’s brother who established al Qaidah - a military base in Yemen.

Al Qaeda, The Terrorist Group

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