Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's Financiers - a NATO Ally, a Global Conglomerate & Qatar

by Anthony C Heaford, 14 April 2023 

From 1987-92 future 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) was employed, trained, mentored and financed by NATO ally and CIA asset Abdul Rasul Sayyaf. Sayyaf in turn was funded by Arab donations to the anti Soviet Afghan Mujahideen, as detailed on page 5 of this declassified 1985 CIA assessment that accuses Sayyaf of misappropriating those donations 'to build his own insurgent organisation’.

From 1993-1996 KSM was employed and assisted by the British and US allied Qatari government, according to this US Department of Defense detainee assessment (page 3, paragraph C). KSM was hosted in Qatar by Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani, Qatar’s Minister of Religious Affairs at the time

And in 1997 KSM was hosted, funded and operationally supported by the British Establishment allied Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Yemen, inside their headquarters compound at PO Box 5302 Taiz, 17-miles south of Al Qaidah town, besides which was a valley sanctuary for Arab-Afghan Mujahideen returning from Afghanistan in the 1980s, established by Osama bin Laden in 1987. HSA was founded as a retail shop in the British Protectorate of Aden in 1938 and by 1997 had grown into an incredibly successful multi-billion dollar global conglomerate spanning the globe with interests including:

a huge role in Indonesia’s palm oil industry (some say the largest & most explotative)

- their own shipping company based in Malaysia (Pacific Inter Link)

- owning Britain’s largest cardboard packaging manufacturer (Cepac Ltd)

- extensive and varied businesses interests in Yemen, Saudi, UAE, Britain, Singapore & Egypt

- a HSA director being a founding signatory of MIGA*, a financial shell company in Switzerland

*After 9/11 the United Nations and US government described the Swiss shell company MIGA as: 

“… a hub of Al Qaeda finance. A terrorist chamber of commerce.”

HSA and MIGA, the Malaysian Swiss Gulf & African Chamber

In 1984 Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed (a family heir and a director of the HSA Group) was a founding signatory and charter member of the Malaysian Swiss Gulf and African Chamber (MIGA) - a financial shell company registered in Switzerland. Another of MIGA’s founding signatories and the chamber’s long-term President was Ahmed Nasreddin, a man described by Former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill as

a "supporter of terrorism" involved in "an extensive financial network providing support to al Qaeda and other terrorist-related organizations."

Following 9/11 there was enough evidence and suspicion for the United Nations (UN) to place both MIGA and its President Ahmed Nasreddin on the watch list of entities and individuals belonging to, or affiliated with al Qaeda. In August 2002 both MIGA and Ahmed Nasreddin were added to the US Treasury’s list of financiers of terrorismBut for some reason HSA Group director and MIGA charter member Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed was not included on the same watch list. In October 2004 the HSA Group issued a statement admitting that Mr. Saeed: 

"had a business relationship with Ahmed Nasruddin dating back to 1982. But the relationship ended acrimoniously in 1984, and there have been no business dealings between the parties for 20 years.

and that:

there was a valid power of attorney given by Saeed to Nasruddin in 1982, authorizing him
"to sign in the name of the principal [Saeed] acting as founding partner, the public deed of establishment of the Association Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism for the Arab Gulf States and Switzerland [later re-named MIGA]."

Amazingly Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed does not appear to have been investigated further. MIGA and Ahmed Nasreddin were removed from the US Treasury and UN watch lists without explanation in 2007 - they weren't cleared of the charges of belonging to or being affiliated with al Qaeda, they simply agreed not to do it again.

 A 2004 Fox News report about MIGA stated:

"HSA's and MIGA's offices overlap in locations that...
served as hotspots of al Qaeda meetings and finance"

That same Fox News report also mentions the HSA company based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia called Pacific Interlink, founded in 1988, around the same time Al Qaeda associated groups were establishing themselves in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. During the 1990s Pacific Interlink was awarded large UN oil-for-food contracts, permitting trade with Saddam Hussein’s sanctioned and embargoed Iraq. Fox News alleged in 2004 that corruption by Pacific Interlink (10% price-skimming across the UN’s oil-for-food contract) could have financed Osama bin-Laden and al Qaeda, although I think it is much more likely any such illicit funds were used to fund Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his terrorist network. Fox News said:

"Pacific Interlink [a global shipping company & HSA subsidiary] boasts offices or agents in places thick with terror networks, such as Algeria, Sudan, and Syria."

HSA, Atlantic Investments and the British Cayman Islands

In 1997 three heirs and directors of the HSA Group - Abdullah Saeed, Mohammed Saeed and Dirham Saeed - became investors in a British Cayman Islands tax haven registered firm, Atlantic Investments. I discovered this information via the leaked Paradise Papers because Abdullah Saeed used the P.O. Box 5302 Taiz address where I met 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on 26 September 1997.

Atlantic Investments was setup in 1994 by three members of the St Clair Morgan family who are based in another British tax haven, Jersey in the Channel Islands. In 2007 Atlantic Investments president, Nicholas St Clair Morgan, was named in an investigation of money laundering and illegal arms sales in Pakistan and India.

British conservative party members of parliament (MPs) have fought to preserve those off-shore banking secrecy laws and ’Sir' Graham Brady MP is chairman of the Parliamentary Group for the Cayman Islands, perks of which have included an £8000 government funded visit for Brady and his wife to the Caribbean. Mr. Brady is also my constituency MP and is fully aware of my allegations. Under my instruction Mr. Brady has already passed my dossier containing my evidenced claims of the HSA Group’s links to al Qaeda to British military intelligence and Thomas Williams, the Minister Conselor for Political Affairs at the US embassy in London. But despite his apparent assistance, I also have information that shows Graham Brady MP has benefitted from political donations that ultimately originated from the HSA Group his entire political career (since 1997).

HSA’s links to the British Establishment extend well beyond using its tax havens and owning multi-million pound British companies. The managing director of HSA’s London office (Longulf Trading) is an honourary vice-president of the British-Yemeni Society and one of its British suppliers (my former employer) was given a Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1995, after they'd sold their first machine to HSA Yemen in 1993.

HSA, 9/11 and the USA

My personal knowledge of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group stems from my September 1997 visit to their secure headuarters compound at PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen to install the second machine my employer had sold the the HSA Group. That’s where I met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and when the 9/11 plot began, based on a travel warning I’d given to be exact

EVERYONE knew ‘Al Qa’idah were in Yemen in 1997, according to former US ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine, but that didn’t stop Bodine blocking FBI senior investigator John O’Neill’s investigations in Yemen after the attack on the USS Cole in Aden harbour in 2000. The CIA’s director at the time, George Tenet even asked Yemeni president Saleh to release an Al Qaeda suspect who Tenet described as ‘my person’. It is reported that person was Anwar al-Awlaki. A former Al Qaeda member has even claimed President Saleh supported, supplied and protected Al Qaeda in Yemen. The HSA Group was intimately linked to President Saleh too, in that they helped financed the Yemeni government budget to a large degree in the 1990s.

One of Osama bin-Laden’s greatest allies during his 1980’s Afghan Jihad was Yemeni General Ali Mohsen, the half-brother of the late Yemeni President Saleh. General Mohsen recruited fighters for the foreign mujahedeen brigades fighting in Afghanistan, even travelling there himself to meet with bin-Laden. In 1987, just as the War in Afghanistan was drawing to a close, Osama bin-Laden is known to have made plans to travel to Yemen and is widely believed to have given General Mohsen $20-million to finance the resettlement of Arab-Afghan Mujahideen in Yemen. I think that’s when Osama bin Laden established the valley sanctuary that I visited ten years later, one mile from Al Qa’idah townCIA contractor Billy Waugh admits training Al Qaeda operators in 1990s Yemen, as noted in his 2004 autobiography:

“I worked right there with these al-Qaeda operatives and heard these arguments [about the badness of US policy] firsthand many times, especially during an assignment in Yemen.”



It is beyond doubt that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was trained, hosted and financed by individuals and entities with deep ties to the British and America governments from 1987 to 1997, as documented here. I think it’s very likely those same backers continued to support KSM right up to and possibly beyond 9/11 too.

Based on this research and my own experiences in 1997 Yemen I have concluded KSM was a patsy of the Deep State - corrupt Intel agencies and the ‘permanent governments’ that rule Britain and the US regardless of election results. I now suspect I was only sent to Yemen in 1997 after I had warned about a 9/11 style attack a few months earlier whilst travelling in the USA and that came about because my employer was intimately involved with both the US & British Deep State. 9/11 was carefully engineered by rouge Intel operators and financed via British and US Deep State allies such as Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, Qatar’s ruling family and the Hayel Saeed Anam Group.

9/11 was an inside job, using patsies like KSM to frame Osama bin Laden because of the threat he posed to US and British dominace in the Middle East. 9/11 was allowed to happen.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian