British Counter Terror Police Using Doctors to Target Whistleblowers

By Anthony C Heaford 1st October 2019
(Updated 11 May 2021 - please see image at report end)

British Counter Terrorism police have been intimidating me for the last three months through my general practitioner's (GP) surgery, the place I go to for medical treatment. Now those same counter terrorism officers are misusing the government endorsed ‘Prevent scheme’ to harass and aggravate me further. 

My doctor delivered their messages to me by phone on 20th June 2019 and in person within the consulting rooms of my GP’s surgery on c.8th August 2019. Both times when acting as their messenger, my doctor has told me:

“Jason Robinson from Greater Manchester police would like to speak to you about the content of your website”

My doctor has admitted meeting with the police officer, exchanging emails and phone calls with him, and yet every-time my doctor has spoken of him, she has never identified him as being a counter terrorism case officer, just saying:

“Jason Robinson from Greater Manchester police”

Jason Robinson of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) counter terrorism unit has never followed up on his requests to 'speak to me’ either. The result of that has left me feeling incredibly anxious, fearful and frustrated - amplifying exponentially my standing medical diagnosis of suffering debilitating stress related to my military service in Afghanistan in 2012. 

The Contents of my Website

“Jason Robinson from Greater Manchester police would like to speak to you about the content of your website”

In November 2015 I was diagnosed with debilitating stress triggered by my frustrated whistleblowing efforts. 
I’d spent the previous two years attempting to expose the crimes of British military officers who'd wasted over £500-million in Afghanistan on corrupt schemes which as a direct result cost at least three men their lives.

A complicating factor to that frustration and ‘moral injury’ from my Afghan service takes my story into the realms of a Hollywood movie; in April 2015 it dawned on me that ‘the Engineer’ who I'd been introduced to during a 1997 business trip to Yemen was in fact the accused mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM). I can therefore identify the man who KSM called ‘the Chief’, a Mr Saeed Alrobaidi of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam Group.

HSA Mohamad A Salem

I have used my website ‘the quiet mancunian’ to share my reports because the British government, police and security services have studiously ignored all my reporting efforts, beginning in 2009. Senior US military officers investigating 9/11 have described my website content and my insight, knowledge and research as “very interesting” and even proposed sending a team of Pentagon based 9/11 investigators to Manchester to interview me over five-days. And yet despite that validation from the highest military offices of our ally the USA, British police have never acted upon my repeated reports to them of having met the alleged 9/11 mastermind KSM in Yemen in 1997. Perhaps more importantly they really don’t want to know who KSM and his terrorist cell called ‘the Chief - a Mr Yasser Saeed of the multi-billion dollar Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) Group, currently based in Dubai. Their London office is called Longulf Trading and it also aided KSM’s terrorist cell in 1997; Longulf Trading was my customer and it was through Longulf Trading that I met the alleged 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

My Doctor’s Actions

When my doctor delivered counter terrorism officer Jason Robinson’s messages to me I had the distinct impression she was monitoring my reactions. I sensed surprise and hesitation in her voice when I responded positively to her telephone request for me to be interviewed about my reports by the police, police who were possibly in the room with her during the telephone call. My doctor could of been feeding my receptive responses back to the counter terrorism police unit and maybe that’s why they’ve not followed up on their interview requests.

I had a formal meeting with my doctor about this on 13th September 2019; my doctor who is supposed to be looking after my health refused to share with me what the counter terrorism police have asked her about me. That silence is under the instruction of Greater Manchester counter terrorism police. She did state that she had spoken to her union for advice and that she’d no longer be passing such messages back and forth for the counter terrorism unit. She even went on to assert:

“You [Anthony C Heaford] are the least terroristy person I know"

The Prevent [Terrorism] Scheme & Extremism Assessments

Having had their harassment channel via my doctor closed down the counter terrorism police are trying a new angle - via the government initiative called ‘Prevent’ - a scheme intended to stop people becoming involved in terrorism. Greater Manchester police have claimed that at some point in 2018 I told some patrolling Police Community Support Officers that I worked for al Qaeda in Yemen and only now, at least nine months later, have they decided to act on that claim.

On 27th September 2019 I received a letter from ‘Prevent’ telling me about a police referral and asking me to attend an assessment interview within the next seven-days. So after four-and-a-half-years of documented reporting of my experiences of meeting al Qaeda in Yemen in 1997, I have been called in for an ‘extremism assessment' by a local council official in their early twenties with a sociology degree and absolutely no knowledge of my case, experiences or situation.

Further inquiry revealed that a police officer would ‘sit-in' on this ‘ revent' assessment meeting, in a ’safe-guarding role’. The council official said he would be a counter terrorism police officer called Detective Constable Robinson - who I’ve assumed, fairly I think, to be Jason Robinson.

My Messages to Jason Robinson,
the British Counter Terrorism Police Officer

1. Stop using my doctor to deliver your messages.

2. Stop misusing the government’s Prevent scheme.

3. Follow-up on requests you make to interview people because your unfulfilled requests now feel like threats and intimidation to me. 

4. If you want to interview me then make an appointment or arrest me, but otherwise please stop harassing me.

5. Please see this affidavit from the office of Sir Graham Brady MP confirming that Dominic Grieve MP, the then Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, the Secret Intelligence Service and the US Embassy were made aware of my assertions in March 2017.

Possible Motivation

At almost the exact same time Manchester’s counter terrorism police began this harassment of me I had advised GMP of my intention to complain about six Manchester police officers for misconduct in public office. Three detectives actually made up a law to avoid investigating my allegations of British military crimes in Afghanistan; their superintendent admitted this, saying the three detectives were suffering collective confusion when they made up a law, wrote it down and then emailed it to me, but then she refused flatly to investigate further too. The police force’s Professional Standards Body handed my complaint back to the manager of the officers I was complaining about and that Chief Inspector made an arbitrary ruling on my complaint WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT LAW WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. 

Those six Greater Manchester Police officers with an outstanding complaint against them are:

Chief Inspector David Gilbride, 06952

Professional Standards Manager M J Thornton, 20296

Detective Superintendent Denise Worth, 08598

Detective Constable Gray Wilton, 14240

Detective Inspector Gilbert, 14480

Detective Sergeant Mills, 18806

My stress and other far more urgent matters have so far prevented me from pursuing this complaint formally.


Greater Manchester Police lied and continue to lie their sorry, corrupt, terrorist complicit arses off:

gmp prevent clear 1 copy

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian