Diary, 02 June 2020 
My Role in the Demise of the Deep State

by Anthony C Heaford 
800-words / 5-minute read — Updated 03 June

Seven years ago (October 2013) I set out to discreetly bring the British military crimes and failures I’d witnessed in Afghanistan to the attention of my most senior commanders, and to ensure government ministers were aware too. Last week my continued reporting was responsible (in part) for the cancellation of the G7 Summit.

On Friday 29 May German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told the Politico website that Angela Merkel had rebuffed President Trump’s invitation to the summit, with the news being released at 5.10pm GMT on a Friday night. 

President Trump's response was swift, with his postponement of the G7 Summit to September being reported the next day along with Trump’s intention to expand the September G7 summit invitees to include the leaders of Russia, South Korea, Australia and India.

The nuances in these details and their timings are of incredible significance: 

— the German Chancellor snubbing the US President’s G7 summit invitation in a press release to a political magazine, done at the height of a US national crisis and timed to hit the US Friday night news

— Trump's almost instantaneous response, postponing the summit and announcing his intention to restructure the G7 membership to include Russia again, plus South Korea, Australia and India

NATO and its trans-Atlantic alliances are disintegrating in front of our eyes


So how on earth could these seismic diplomatic and strategic shifts be attributed to my reporting? I've determined a link from analysis of my website’s viewing figures. My website, thequietmancunian.com averages 50-to-100 visitors a day, from locations across the globe.

On Monday 20 January there was a world leader's summit held in Berlin. In the two days before the summit there were 136 visitors to my website from just one city - Berlin.

As delegates, their advisors and the media gathered in Berlin for this summit there was an intense interest in my reports from that city. The focus of that interest was across all topics on my website, from NATO crimes in Afghanistan and the subsequent cover-ups, through to the US intelligence community’s knowledge of al Qaeda’s extensive presence in Yemen prior to 9/11 and of al Qaeda’s financiers banking in the British Cayman Islands.

More Evidence

From February to May this year the viewing figures from Berlin dropped back to an average of 3-per day, until the 29 May that is. The day of Angela Merkel’s snub to Trump over G7. There were 55-visitors to my website from Berlin on the 29 May, accounting for 60% of the global audience and highly suggestive of a link.

So that's twice surges in visitors to my website from Berlin have coincided exactly with, first a world summit there and now a major G7 announcement from Chancellor Merkel. I don’t think this is a coincidence; I believe my work has been noticed, validated in large part, and is likely being used as a negotiating lever at a G7 and world leaders summit’s level.

Chancellor Merkel’s 29 May announcement came just a few hours after the Associated Press had reported on Boris Johnson’s hope of meeting personally with Trump during the summit. Prime Minister Johnson is now joining French President Emmanuel in opposing Trump’s G7 restructuring plans.


I’ve always known that my testimony of NATO criminality and incompetence in Afghanistan, and my evidence of al Qaeda’s presence in Yemen in the 1990s was enough to topple governments. That was never my intention - I simply wanted the Truth to be known and acted upon accordingly.  I want the British army to be the very best it can be but for far too long it has been failed by a corrupted, entitled and self-serving command - political, military and the civil service too.

Whilst my Truths remain too big for the Establishment to admit, my efforts to disseminate them appear to have paid off. I believe that my speaking Truth to power has put the Deep State on its arse.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s government is reviewing the Treason Act and the Official Secrets Act to potentially include:

Neither would someone revealing danger to the public, abuse of power or serious misconduct be able to argue that they acted in the public interest. In addition, maximum prison sentences on conviction, currently two years under the Official Secrets Act, would be increased.

Berlin Audience Spike Comparisons

In the month prior to Chancellor Merkel’s G7 announcement there were 160-visitors from Germany and only 4 of them were in Berlin, i.e. about 5-visitors per day from Germany and only one per week from Berlin:

On the 29 May, the day of Chancellor Merkel’s G7 announcement there was a sudden spike of 55-views from Berlin, accounting for 60% of the global traffic to my site that day:

And prior to that, in the 2-days before Monday 20 January’s Libya Summit in Berlin, global traffic to my website doubled with one third of the total visitors being in Berlin.

136-visitors to my website were in Berlin on the weekend before the world leaders Libya summit, held in Berlin:

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian