11 Oct 2019 - A Police State Protecting Tax Dodging War Criminals

The British Police State Protecting Tax Dodging War Criminals
By Anthony C Heaford, 11 Oct 2019

I've been a whistleblower since October 2013, exposing British military crimes committed in 2012 Afghanistan through to identifying the very highest echelons of al Qaeda’s terrorist operations financing in the 1990s. I've been under investigation by Manchester’s counter terrorism police unit via my doctors surgery since at least June 2019; my doctor has failed to fulfil my requests for care over the last six-months and has instead acted at the behest of professionally corrupt police officers and in complete disregard for my health and wellbeing.

Prevent [Terrorism]

On 26 September 2019 I was contacted by an official working for the government’s Prevent [Terrorism] scheme following a referral from Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The official claimed that in 2018 I told two patrolling Police Community Support Officers that I had worked for al Qaeda in Yemen and that was the reason for my referral to a scheme intended to guide potential terrorists away from terrorism. That is a lie, a complete fabrication designed to hide the true reason for my referral to ‘Prevent [Terrorism]’.

A 30-second clip of the start of GMP’s “terrorist threat assessment”,
 Date: 10 Oct 2019, Location: A communal area of my apartment block.

Tax Dodging War Criminals

I believe I was reported to the security services by a neighbour who has worked in Saudi for many years, teaching officers at one of the country’s leading military colleges. My neighbour is a ‘defence contractor’, an effective mercenary living in tax exile (paying no income tax in Britian) for the duration of his contract in Saudi. When I first saw this neighbour again recently - about one week prior to my referral to Prevent - he told me that his contract in Saudi was over, that he’d been made redundant by his employer in the Saudi military. 

I replied that was good news as it meant he’d be no longer complicit in War Crimes commited against Yemen. My neighbour laughed heartily at my comment and didn’t stop - just continuing to chuckle to himself. I told him he’d have to excuse me and I left him to his own amusement.

That was the last time I interacted with said neighbour until yesterday, when within an hour or two of the plain clothed counter terrorism police officers haranguing me on my doorstep, my neighbour and I ‘coincidentally’ passed each other in a communal hallway as I was returning to my apartment. It was remarkable timing as he opened a side access door to the stairwell just as I was passing it. His audible and theatrical surprise at our passing did not strike me as genuine.

A Police State

Will a military contractor working in Saudi throughout their genocidal War against Yemen have been given security advice by our government? Yes, absolutely. He will also have been given priority contacts in our security services to report any concerns. But was my comment in anyway threatening, intimidatory or sinister? No. My comment might have been direct but it was a very fair political and social comment on the man’s chosen profession and his chosen customers, the notorious Saudi regime’s military.

The Thought Police

Bottomline is that a British tax exile and military contractor of many years, upon returning home from his complicity in a brutal War against Yemen appears to have top-end police protection against… moral judgement. 

I believe my harassment by Greater Manchetser Police and its proxies over the last two-weeks is because a week earlier I made a very valid passing comment to my neighbour (the military contracting tax exile) about his moral complicity in Saudi War Crimes. 

It appears that if you challenge the morality or legality of the British government’s alliance with Saudi then you get labelled a potential terrorist and are intensely investigated and shamelessly harassed by an Orwellian Police State - Greater Manchester Police force in this case.


Greater Manchester Police and Prevent have simply ignored my request for details of my referral, which I dispute. They fabricated a false justification to accuse me of being a potential terrorist and to interview me against my will; now they think themselves above explaining themselves in this matter.

Having already found GMP’s Professional Standards Branch to be instituionally corrupt, all matters have now been referred to my member of parliament, Mr. Graham Brady. I await his reply.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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