8 July 2023 -  Four times 9/11 could have been stopped, if only…

The 9/11 plot began on Tuesday 23 September 1997 in a factory in Yemen (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company) pretty much the moment I had told a machine operator I was training there that I had accidentally carried my box-cutters on several domestic flights in the USA undetected and describing how they would be enough to subdue passengers and take control of an aeroplane. That claim of mine could be substantiated by confirming what date in September 1997 future 9/11 hijacker pilot Ziad Jarrah abruptly switched from his dentistry studies in Greifswald Germany to studying aircraft engineering 150-miles away in Hamburg, which I speculate would’ve happened on the 24 or 25 September. I’ve detailed my conversation in Yemen on 23 September here

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 The first chance to stop the plot from progressing happened four days later, on Saturday 27 September. I’d arrived back in Manchester the night before and had gone in to work to submit my paper work from the machine installation in Yemen before beginning a two-week holiday. Tony Preece, my employer’s factory manager, was the first person I spoke to since arriving home from Yemen and he was the first person I tried to raise my concerns from Yemen with. I told him something very suspicious had occurred during my business trip to Yemen but he told me it didn’t matter because the customer had paid for the machine and my visit in advance. I tried to remonstrate with Tony that there really was something very odd about the customer and my visit but he literally shooed out of his office. Despite having arranged my business trip to Yemen Tony didn’t want to know anything about what had happened there. Had he listened to me he would have known about my suspicious meetings and conversations, specifically the detour and meeting I had been taken to on my last day there, a detour I now know was to The Base by Al Qa’idah town. Had he known about that then he would have had an obligation to clarify events as he had arranged my visit there, or he could have advised me to speak with British security services.

 Why didn’t I speak to the security services independently? A few reasons:

 My suspicions were vague and I did not want to cause unwarranted problems for my employer’s customer in case I was wrong; because it was me that had first spoken to them about the danger of a 9/11 style attack (after they had asked me about visiting New York as tourists). But in retrospect it was mostly because of my upbringing – subject to coercive control by my family since my very earliest memories. And ‘my employer’ was my parents. It was their company I was working for and unbeknown to me at that time they had already been working with British security services for years, their engineering export business a perfect front for international clandestine activities. And that was how I ended up in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company in Yemen, my parents had used me as an unwitting patsy for their clandestine activities associated with British security services, activities that involved their ex-US Special Forces salesman, Dave Dean. Dean was trained in HALO parachuting techniques in 1970s Vietnam by Billy Waugh, an infamous CIA contractor who in his 2004 autobiography admitted training Al Qaeda fighters in 1990s Yemen. And I now guess Tony Preece was also involved in that clandestine activity – it’s the only reason I can explain his absolute determination not to hear my concerns from Yemen – he already knew the customer in Yemen needed to be protected from investigation.  I didn’t speak to my parents about my suspicions because I didn’t see them for quite some time after returning from Yemen, long enough for me to have raised the matter twice more with other people leading me to believe I had done enough already to raise my vague suspicions and allay my fears.

 Those other people I raised my concerns with were my employer’s senior service technician David Hughes and lastly a customer in Brooklyn New York. Hughes was a very frequent business traveller and so it was not until October or November 1997 that I saw him next. Taking him to one side in the factory I first explained my fears of a 9/11 style attack and asked whom I should speak to. His advice was emphatic – never report such concerns to our security services. Hughes reassured me though, saying there was people whose job it was to deal with that kind of thing and I should leave it well alone. He also warned that raising such a topic would only cause problems for me. I consider that the second opportunity to have stopped the 9/11 plot in its tracks. Why am I so sure? Because I still had my photo of me with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Yemen at that time and KSM was already a wanted man for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

 The third opportunity to stop 9/11 came in December 1997 when I was on another business trip to Brooklyn, New York. Risking my job, and only after the machine operators I was training asked if I’d be visiting the WTC on my day off, I gave my clearest 9/11 warning (referencing my visit to Yemen) to one of the owners of the customer’s business, a Dan Barkochba (and Israeli American – Google his last name). Barkochba said he had good security services contacts he’d pass my warning, my business card and my request to be interviewed to. I was never contacted back - there was no apparent interest. That was my last business trip to the USA and in retrospect, given the location and the specific question of whether I’d visit the WTC, I suspect Barkochba was a friend of Dave Dean, our ex-Special Forces US salesman and that Barkochba was as complicit as Tony Preece and David Hughes in the international intelligence network my parent’s company was tied to.

 The fourth opportunity to stop 9/11 happened around the same time I was in Brooklyn but it didn’t come from me. It came from a dissident Qatari ex-police chief who warned former CIA agent Bob Baer” “KSM is going to hijack some planes”. Baer passed that warning to his contacts in the CIA but later said “there was no interest”.

 The failure to stop 9/11 was not “a lack of imagination” as the 9/11 Commission concluded. The security services didn’t stop 9/11 because they wanted it to happen – they needed another ‘Pearl Harbour moment’ to justify their intentions to maintain their global position through unrestricted warfare as we’ve seen for the last twenty-two years.

 My 9/11 warning originated from a flight I’d taken from Logan airport Boston on 11 June 1997, where there had been zero security checks on boarding the plane. I’d given my first warning the next morning to a customer’s factory manager in Toronto. I now believe that that warning was the reason I was sent to Yemen in September. They – Dave Dean and his associates – wanted me to plant the idea of such an attack in KSM’s mind. They had asked another technician to go to Yemen instead of me but he flatly refused after checking the British government’s travel advice regarding Yemen, which warned of terrorism and kidnapping. Knowing the nature of that other technician – cautious and considered - I think it was known he’d refuse to travel there and was intended to add another layer of obfuscation to my visit to Yemen.

I have absolutely no doubt that 9/11 was engineered by what is best described as a Deep State, comprising every element of the Military Industrial Complex. What role did my parents play? I can’t believe (comprehend) they knew about a plot to fly a hijacked civilian airliner in to the WTC, but I do know without doubt they they sent me on four more suspicious business trips in the follwing months - twice to Dubai, to Manila and to Jakarta - all business trips I think were connected to the evolution of the 9/11 plot. From their retirment they setup one of my last business trips for them before they made me redundant, to meet a mafia like character in London called Mr Jones. In retrospect I think that was my opportunity to join them in their Deep State network, but it appears I failed my final interview with Mr Jones in London and instead I remained an unwitting patsy. It took me until May 2015 to finally realise that the man I’d met in 1997 Yemen (introduced to me as ‘the Engineer’) was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Since then I’ve been on the most incredible journey of discovery - finding the Base by Al Qa’idah town I visited in 1997 on google maps in 2017; uncovering Dave Dean’s CIA links in 2019 and finally realising the extent of my parents role in all this in 2020.

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