“Yours fucerely”, from the Royal Military Police 04.12.17 

fucerely 2

The British military police Professional Standards and Review branch are now re-examining the original investigation and dismissal of my eight criminal charges made against the most senior British military and political command for their conduct during our invasion and occupation of Helmand province, Afghanistan.

20.11.17 Military Police Dismiss Eight Criminal Allegations 

After eight months of deliberation the British Royal Military police have dismissed eight criminal allegations I submitted to them in March 2017. They have said they will review these matters should new evidence be presented. Fortunately I have that evidence and have decided to present it to them via a public forum.

The first evidence dossier I will be presenting alleges that Baron David Richards, the former head of the British armed forces (2010-13) and current employee of the King & government of Bahrain, was complicit in the production of a class A drug (heroin) in Helmand, Afghanistan.


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