Alka Pradhan, al Qaidah and the CIA

By Anthony C Heaford, 27 January 2020

Alka Pradhan

This is Alka Pradhan, an American attorney and a claimed human rights counsel who publicly challenged the 9/11 Military Commission over the trials being held at Guantanamo Bay

Her professional life and my personal struggle have been intimately entwined in battle since April 2015. I’m going prove she is in fact a CIA stooge who in reality is protecting al Qaeda’s most senior figures by denying her clients their best defence.

There's no vindication for her client who’s on trial accused of transfering funds from the United Arab Emirates to the 9/11 hijackers in the USA. I believe Ammar al-Baluchi is guilty as charged, as is his uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but there are mitigating circumstances to the crimes they committed - circumstances that Pradhan has been determined to hide.

The prelude to our battle began on 28 March 2015 when my suspicions about my unwitting meetings with al Qaeda became strong enough to call British counter terrorism police (CTP) for a second time. My first call to CTP on this matter was in 2009, as detailed here. In 2015 I gave a similar description to my journey to a final clandestine meeting with 

Still unsure of the exact location of my final unwitting meeting with al Qaeda in Yemen in 1997, I once again described it to the CTP as being a short drive cross country after turning right off the main road between Taiz and Sanaa. My exact description (as best as I can recall - CTP will have a recording of the conversation) was it was about 20-minutes drive north of Taiz, before we turn right between some buildings before emerging behind them on a dust track running through tended field

During my second call to the CTP I described the location of a clandestine meeting I was taken to ask being about 30-minutes drive north of Taiz city (Yemen) and a further 10-minutes drive cross country after turning right off the main Taiz to Sanaa road. It wasn’t until November 2017

Alka Pradhan is an American attorney defending those accused of murdering 2,976-people on 9/11.

Ms Pradhan has also endorsed lies designed to protect al Qaeda in a New York Times magazine interview. Pradhan has been advised of her error but has so far failed to acknowledge or correct that lie.

I can therefore categorically assert that US Attorney Alka Pradhan is deliberately undermining the 9/11 trials by repeating lies that prejudice the trials in self-promoting media interviews. 

Her lies are protecting al Qaeda and prolonging the injustices already inflicted upon the 9/11 families.

My Evidence that 9/11 Attorney Alka Pradham is a Liar:

I visited al Qa’idah town in 1997 - I was taken there for a recruitment interview with al Qaeda.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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