The 9/11 Trials - Secretly Stalled Since February 2015

by Anthony C Heaford (750-words / a 4-minute read)
16 August 2019 (Last edit: 14:58-GMT 16 Aug) 

My 9/11 Revelation

At 10:25 GMT on Monday 09 February 2015 I sent an email containing enough information to stop the 9/11 trials in their tracks. Five hours later the 9/11 trials ground to a halt in a bizarre legal impasse.

There’s enough detail in my 2015 email to expose and identify the multi-billion dollar company behind the 9/11 plot - it is the HSA Group, formerly of Taiz, Yemen:

I sent this email to the London based investigative magazine Private Eye, a political publication I now know to have been used as an establishment tool. I can prove Private Eye have form for publishing lies and dis-information to protect the British establishment. With this knowledge in mind I've assumed that my “9/11 Yemen/Saudi link anecdote” email to Private Eye magazine had been forwarded to British security and intelligence services within minutes of its receipt.

I did go on to discuss my 9/11 claims in detail with Private Eye’s defence correspondent Paul Vickers but nothing was ever published by the magazine. Paul Vickers died in 2017, aged just fifty-four; Private Eye magazine described his death as sudden”, but not “unexpected”.

Guantanamo Bay

About five hours after sending my email, and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the legal proceedings at the Guantanamo Bay military court ground to a halt, thrown in to a legal disarray that’s lasted for over four years now. 

As proceedings were beginning on that Monday morning a defendant in the case recognised and identified a court interpreter as having being a CIA black site interpreter - i.e. this interpreter could be implicated in the defendant's historic torture and may even have been an active CIA mole in the defendant's legal team - very valid concerns.

Given the four years of legal limbo this trial complication has borne, these questions must be asked:

Who appointed the former-CIA black site interpreter as a court interpreter, and who requested their presence in court on 9 February 2015?

Is it possible that the greatest murder trial in US history is being run by such incompetents that such a mishap could happen?

Is it possible that the information in my email was enough to cause an emergency halt in the legal proceedings? 

Would such a short notice emergency be announced publicly, or introduced surreptitiously whilst matters were investigated? 

If this was a clandestine disruption of the trials, one method of distraction could be to introduce a legal impasse that would occupy the court’s time for years whilst the new information and new witness could be investigated. This would give the public the impression that the trials are proceeding within the legal constrains of the court. Sending a CIA interpreter linked to torture into the court room, as was done five hours after I sent my email, is a perfect example of how easily and effectively the trials can still be derailed by the clandestine security agencies, agencies who will be implicated by my revelations about 9/11.

Or is this really just a simple slip-up by the CIA and 9/11 military commission? 

Did they really inadvertently use an interpreter whom the accused men were bound to recognizes from their days of torture in CIA black sites? 

And is the timing of this open court blunder, just five hours after I sent my revelatory email, simply a coincidence?

It all seems very odd to me, almost as if the CIA still don’t know their arse from their elbow, 
despite being given all the answers over four years ago, in my email of the 9 February 2015.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian