GMP and the Freemasons


It isn’t often you hear a Catholic nun speak ill of the dead, especially when that dead person was a 17-year old boy robbed of life by a known thug who stabbed him through the heart. But that’s what Sister Lydia of Lady of the Vale did on 22nd October 2019; her exact words used to describe Yousef Makki were:

“He was no angel you know, in to drugs and everything.”

I was more taken aback by Sister Lydia’s words because when I had first spoken to her about Yousef’s death she had used the same words to describe Yousef Makki’s killer, whilst saying what a bright, caring and decent lad Yousef had been. That first conversation was on the evening of 3rd March, about 24-hours after Yousef had died and it was within an hour of news reports that Yousef’s killer (Joshua Molnar) had been arrested.

As we chatted I was somewhat taken aback that this elderly Catholic sister had so much knowledge of such awful events. Within a few hours of Molnar’s arrest Lydia already knew that his first court hearing would be held in secret, to a closed court the next day. She told me that “they are arranging everything now” nodding back towards the Lady of the Vale, a nursing home managed by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition. “They’re getting all the right people in place” she continued, talking of corrupt barristers, briefs and judges.

I’ve known Lydia for over five years but I had never seen her this angry or out walking so late either (it was about 8 or 9 p.m.). The language and legal terminology she used showed she was very familiar with such proceedings and she told me without doubt that “there’s the most shameful miscarriage of justice going on right now.”

Lydia was familiar enough with the case to even tell me Molnar’s defence – a claim that Yousef had fallen on to a knife - something she dismissed as farcical. She was also familiar enough with the court system to predict the EXACT outcome of the trial that would be held six months later. Within an hour or two of Joshua Molnar’s arrest Lydia predicted:

1. A closed first court hearing
2. Molnar’s principle defence that Yousef had ‘fallen’ on to the knife he was holding
3. That Molnar would be cleared of both murder and manslaughter
4. That he would be sentenced to a few weeks or months in a ‘treatment / therapy centre’

Lydia also very specifically indicated towards the Lady of the Vale and said:

“They’re arranging it all now, getting the right people in place.”

The home of Lady of the Vale / Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition 


Within one hour of Yousef Makki’s killer’s arrest being reported on the news, a Catholic Sister of St Joseph of the Apparition was telling me that a miscarriage of justice was being arranged by people at the Lady if the Vale nursing home.

If I was investigating this case I would get a full list of residents of Lady of the Vale, checking for any retired judges, police officers, magistrates, etc. Then I would collect all visitor and phone records of Lady of the Vale from 2nd March 2019 onwards (the date Yousef was killed) and I would look for patterns and connections to everyone and anyone involved in Joshua Molnar’s trial and defence.

From my conversation with Lydia on 3rd March 2019 I have no doubt that a miscarriage of justice was orchestrated from the Lady of the Vale nursing home and I will very happily give my reasoning under oath and in a court of law.

Further Analysis

It was clear that Lydia was absolutely livid about what was going on the 3rd March but that doesn’t explain why she then spoke ill of Yousef seven months later.

My explanation for that is that Lydia is a vulnerable person trapped within a coercive and controlling cabal of corrupt individuals using a Catholic order and a nursing home as their base of operations.

Greater Manchester Police Farce

I know Greater Manchester Police to be institutionally corrupt – full of liars and criminals. To give that assertion some context, Greater Manchester Police managed to convict Yousef Makki of possession of a knife even though there was no evidence of this and despite the fact that the only people who claimed Yousef was carrying a knife are those who should have been charged with his murder. 

Consequently I’ve not shared this information directly with Greater Manchester police but I will cooperate fully with any investigation of my assertions here, but only on the proviso that Greater Manchester Police are not involved. 

Yousef Makki

This is the young man who was stabbed through the heart and killed in my community. Please take a moment to view to this tribute to a brilliant, caring and decent young man:

There is a further tribute from Yousef’s school friends linked here

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