11 June 1997, USA: I predicted 9/11 whilst flying from Logan airport Boston to Toronto

Arriving at Logan airport Boston for a short flight to Toronto, from exiting the taxi on a public road to taking my seat on a large aircraft I'd not under-gone a single security check, not one. No questions, no pat down, no metal detector, no bagage inspection - nothing. At check-in I showed a credit card in exchange for my boarding pass. There was no passport control that I recall and the security desk with a metal detector and baggage inspection machine was unmanned and unplugged. 

When handing the air-steward my boarding pass I told her of my concerns, stressing there'd been no security checks prior to boarding whatsoever. She told me not to worry, saying that was normal. The flight was almost empty and there was little to no cockpit security.

As the aircraft climbed and circled I looked towards the unsecured cockpit door just a few metres away and perceived with horror how easily an aircraft could be hijacked and turned in to a missile.

I was already aware of the intent to attack the World Trade Centre because of the 1993 bombing, I'd noted an increase in suicide attacks, and world tensions were escalating. I added those factors to the complete absence of security at Logan airport and concluded that a passenger plane being hijacked and used as a kamikaze piloted missiles was a viable and very likely terrorist attack method against the USA. 


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© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian