24 Feb 2020 - CIA - Cent Int Agency - "Virtually Decapitated"

Wednesday 19 February: US President Trump removed Joseph Maguire as acting Director of National Intelligence and replaced him with the former US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell.

Friday 21 February: former CIA director John Brennan described Trump’s actions as: 

... a virtual decapitation of the intelligence community."

Saturday 22 February: The US 18-year occupation of Afghanistan comes to a negotiated end, or the begining of the end anyway.

Monday 24 February: I think my efforts to share my reports have helped progress both matters - the wind-down of the War that’s been waged in Afghanistan for four decades, and equally the demise of the CIA. I’m calling this one as mine, at least in part anyway. How could they survive my report 

Subject interest:
Sunday 26 January 2020: 
four weeks before this CIA 'virtual decapitation', I published the names, dates and connections from the US Special Forces in Vietnam through to CIA contractors training and helping al Qaeda in Yemen in the 1990s. Link to my report:From Vietnam to 9/11 via the CIA"

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