Nov 2019, Discovery: Evidence of my employer’s CIA links found

Dave Dean was my Father’s US salesman with his own company Dean Printing Systems in Chicago. He told me about his Vietnam War service when I first met him in 1988, saying his military career had been quite short after he "broke nearly every bone in my body” in a parachute training accident when he landed in the jungle canopy in Vietnam. He said he recovered in the Philippines before opening a go-go bar there, besides the huge US Clark air base - a hub of the CIA’s Air America and a place where they trained Hmong gurrilla fighters.

Dean’s mentioned by name in Samuel Zaffiri’s book about the battle for Hamburg Hill in 1968 and the only in-country parachute training after that was in 1971/72, run by the top secret MACV-SOG special forces unit.

In late November 2019 I read about the MACV-SOG parachute training and connected to Dean’s story about his parachute training accident. I also saw that training was run by special forces veteran Billy Waugh. Waugh was medically discharged from the army circa 1972 - the same time as Dean told me he was - and then became a special forces contractor. In his 2004 autobiography Waugh admits trying Al Qaeda fighters in 1990s Yemen, providing an even stronger link to my metings in Yemen.

I had found evidence that Dave Dean’s military service, my Father’s machine sale to Yemen and Billy Waugh’s CIA activities in 1990s Yemen were connected were very likely connected. I reported this to the security services and published it as a report in January 2020.


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