March 1998, Dubai: Very unusual return visit to the installation last December

Supposedly choosing to come out of retirement whilst on a family holiday to Dubai (visiting my accountant sister), my Father (‘JMH’ in my customer data base entry linked here) decided to visit the customer I’d attended at the industrial Jebel Ali Free Zone three months earlier. He returned from the holiday and told me that he had seen operator problems and I needed to visit this customer again, except at our cost. I protested, saying there was nothing wrong with the work I’d done but my Father treated it very flippantly. He said not to worry and just to treat it like a holiday.

I attended the Dubai customer’s factory again on what was a very strange (unnecessary) visit marked by what appeared to be the company's entire management team greeting me and giving me their contact details, as shown in my customer data base entry linked here. In retrospect I believe both visits to Dubai (December and March) were in connection to my meetings and conversations in Yemen in September 1997. I think members of the Hamburg Cell will have used the opportunity to observe me, given that I had unwittingly told Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terror cell in Yemen exactly how to carryout an attack on the World Trade Centre, including detailing Logan airport’s lack of security and the ease with which I’d (accidentally) carried my box-cutters on several domestic flights in the USA.


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