31 May 2023 - The Genius of the 1993 WTC Bombing and Saudi Vindication 

When the first machine operator in Yemen asked me about visiting New York as a tourist I think I told him my impressions of America first - a huge country with kind people and stupendous food portions. I think it was me that mentioned the World Trade Center first too, with very specific advice not to visit it because of the 1993 WTC bombing. There was an appearance of recognition on his face when I said this - I now realise that was because he was also familiar with that plot too. 

I explained that those attackers had intended but failed to murder up to 250,000 by collapsing one tower into the other and that I expected the same group to try again. That was when I spoke about a second potential attack on the buildings using a (one) hijacked plane and added my warning about resisting any hijack attempt they may get caught up in while traveling in the USA. That was on the 22 September 1997. I may also have spoken with him about what I thought was the ‘genius’ of the 1993 attack, but I am certain that I spoke about that three days later, on the 25 September, when sharing dinner and conversation with Yousef.

The 1993 WTC bombing was carried out by a handful of men, all of different nationality. Although they had caught and imprisoned those attackers as far as I could see there was no wider accountability. No overarching group was identified, no government said to be complicit - it appeared to me that the attack was treated as a one off chance operation carried out by individuals for their own reasons. I described that tactic to Yousef - of using attackers of varying nationalities and no apparent affiliations - as ‘genius’, because it gave the USA no target to retaliate against. I explained that I thought, with the global politics of the time, it would be easy for another small group of men aggrieved at US foreign policy and willing to sacrifice their lives to attack the buildings with a hijacked civilian airliner. I said that if they used the same tactic - varying nationalities and no obvious affiliation - then again the USA would have no one to retaliate against. To me that was the most terrifying of scenarios - of being attacked but not knowing where that attack originated, the ultimate sucker-punch.

It was Yousef who asked me “What if they used more than one plane?”. I’d not considered that possibility before and I think with surprise I realised it could be done if they could find enough people willing to carry out such an attack. I acknowledged that possibility and thinking of only two planes being used (I never conceived that four planes could be hijacked at the same time) I said that if I was the attackers I’d use the first plane to strike the WTC but get the second plane to land safely, the passengers unharmed. I said I thought the political impact of one plane striking the WTC but the second group of hijackers sparing their passengers lives and surrendering voluntarily would be immense. That topic of conversation ended with Yousef asking if I wanted such an attack to happen; I replied “God no, but someone will do it eventually if US foreign policy or domestic flight security was not reformed". Yousef seems to approve of this answer, reassuring me at the time that he was simply curious about my prediction rather than vetting me for the two meetings that occurred the next morning - meeting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and visiting the Base by Al Qa’idah town.

Now, in 2023, recollections of those conversations make me think the use of fifteen Saudi nationals in the attacks was a very deliberate ploy to frame the Saudi state. From the attackers point of view implicating the Saudi state would be punishment for their allowing Western armies to use Arabia as their base. From the Western Intel agencies that I know were complicit in allowing the 9/11 attacks to happen, implicating Saudi would give them incredible leverage over the Saudi state and their oil supplies. Were the hijackers and those Intel agencies working in conjunction? No, but high above the hijacker level, and probably above Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s and even Abdul Rasul Sayyaf’s level too, there must have been collusion. That’s why I put so much blame on the Hayel Saeed Anam Group - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s hosts and my customer in Yemen - and their Vice President Dirhem Abdo Saeed. It was Mr Saeed’s Longulf Trading company in London that purchased our machine in Chicago for KSM’s front company in Yemen. Mr Saeed is the managing director of the billion dollar British packaging company Cepac Ltd. And it is Mr Saeed who’s an honorary vice-president of the British-Yemeni Society. The Hayel Saeed Anam Group, founded in 1938 British controlled Aden, is a tool of the British Empire of old in much the same way the British East India Company was, and the deliberate supplantation of East Africans in Uganda and Kenya by Indians from the British Raj* were (look at the current British Prime Minister & Home Secretary’s heritage to understand the significance of those colonial actions).

If I was asked to place ultimate blame for 9/11 on anyone, I’d blame those trying to continue the legacy of the British Empire of old - British Intel agencies and their allies - in the USA, in Yemen and elsewhere no doubt. To understand that speculation better please remember that three months after I’d given my first 9/11 warning in Toronto Canada, it was my British employer who sent me to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company in Yemen - into the lion’s den so to speak. I was there to install a machine whose sale had been setup in Chicago by my employer’s ex-Special Forces US salesman, Dave Dean, an American who’d memorized every English / British monarch and knew their histories and legacies better than any other person I knew. I now suspect I was sent to Yemen very specifically because of the warning I’d given in Toronto and that was why the customer in Yemen had raised the topic of visiting New York as tourists.

*My mention of East Africa and the British Raj is not random; there is a connection from there to my meetings with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his associates, a connection that could (and very likely does) link the current British Prime Minister and Home Secretary. This is a connection I’ve NEVER referred to before and would not dare to detail until I am in protective custody.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian