Greater Manchester Police PROTECT Terrorists

On the back of severe criticism of British security services' multiple failures before and after the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, I must tell you NOTHING has changed.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are still PROTECTING terrorists, their financiers and their facilitators.

Here’s my hard evidence, a recording of my conversation with GMP Detective Sergeant Kelly when I reported 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s British based financiers and facilitators - the Yemeni owned, London based Longulf Trading. Detective Sergeant Kelly said he’d pass that information on "if that’s what [you] want”, like it’s up to me what terrorist reports British security services investigate:

The only response from Greater Manchester Police to that report has been to remove me from the Prevent terrorism scheme, apologising and saying they made a mistake. That letter from GMP is linked here.

The terrorism financing Longulf Trading remains active and operatonal in Britain,
 protected by British security services and the British government.

Full recording of GMP’s Prevent terrorism scheme officer’s unannounced visit to my home:

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