Priti Patel MP - Britain’s incumbent Home Secretary


Priti Patel MP is Britain’s Home Secretary. 

Priti Patel thinks that a British police force protecting terrorist financiers by fabricating allegations against whistleblowers does not fall under her responsibility. I disagree with her.

Here’s the context of my correspondence with the Ms. Patel's Home Office:

Here’s Patel’s Home Office’s reply which can be summarised asnot our problem”. The British Home Office refused to investigate allegations of police corruption, protect those who provided material support to terrorism.

Also on November 5th 2019, the date of Patel’s Home Office’s reply, the BBC published this story, about secret orders that allows British security services to direct their ‘informers’ (mostly criminals) to commit the most serious of crimes, including murder, without having to even refer the matter to the British judiciary:

And it was Priti Patel who within a year of my correspondence with her Home Office decided to enshire in law the power of our security services to authorise criminals under their control to commit crimes up to and including murder:

Longulf Trading, The Hayel Saeed Anam Group,
Pacific Interlink and al Qaeda

My employer's machine sale was made at a Chicago trade show where both Dave Dean and I were present in April 1997. The sale was made via a London based purchase agent called Longulf Trading. Longulf Trading is a subsiduary of the multi-billion dollar Yemeni Hayel Saeed Anam Group, in whose Yemeni HQ compound KSM's front company was located. KSM's front company was called YemPak - an abbreviation of Yemen-Pakistan they told me.

Since the Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) Group founding in the British Protectorate of Aden in 1938 (the same year Saudi discovered its first commercial oil well) business has flourished for them. But the HSA Group suffered after the British Empire's ignoble exit from Aden in 1967; by 1970 the new socialist republic government had confiscated all of HSA’s assets and the group had to move to Taiz in the religiously orientated north. Reestablishing themselves from scratch, the Saeed family dynasty has enjoyed remarkable success since then.

HSA opened its London office in 1977, Longulf Trading. 

In 1984 one Saeed family member and HSA director - Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed - gave his power of attorney for a Swiss shell company called MIGA to a known terrorist fund-raiser, Ahmed Idris Nasreddin. In 2001 the UN described Nasreddin as a supporter of terrorism" involved in "an extensive financial network providing support to Al Qaeda and other terrorist-related organizations.

Osama bin Laden was from Yemeni linage and his closest advisors in the 1980s were Yemeni too. Yemeni General Ali Mohsen was a principle conduit for Arab-Afghan Mujahideen recruits for OBL, even visiting him in Afghanistan during the War against the Soviets. In 1987 it’s known OBL requested permission to visit Yemen, and it was during that visit I think he established his training camp one mile from al Qaidah town in Ibb Governorate, the camp I visited in 1997. Ibb Governorate was also home to OBL’s last wife whom he married in 2000. It’s also widely reported that OBL gave General Mohsen $20-million around 1988, presumably to finance the camp. 

Just two months before al Qaeda was formed in August 1988 the HSA Group established Pacific-Interlink, a shipping company based in Malaysia with a global business footprint matching al Qaeda’s almost exactly. The timing coincidence (two months apart) and the logistical match make al Qaeda and Pacific Interlink being parallel organisations possible. HSA’s 1984 terrorism funding link via Switzerland and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s presence in their headquarters (ten miles from al Qaidah town) in 1997 make it a close certainty that Pacific Interlink is a legitimate business providing logistic support to the group known as al Qaeda, since its very inception.