I'm not a journalist, writer or investigator. I am by chance a witness to some very significant matters.
- Anthony C Heaford 

Yemen 1997

On the last day of a business trip to Yemen I was introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), 9/11’s Engineer. Thirty minutes later I was taken to a clandestine meeting at a secluded collection of buildings in an enclosed valley just one mile from Al Qa’idah town. From those six days in Yemen I can:

· Name the CIA contractor who set-up my business trip - Dave Dean, ex-MACV-SOG Special Forces ·

· Name the multi-billion dollar conglomerate funding them - the Yemeni Hayel Saeed Anam Group ·

· Show you KSM’s terrorist cell’s front company - YemPak - in Yemen:   13.586, 44.033   ·  

· Tell you who KSM’s terror cell called ‘the Chief’ - Saeed Alrobaidi of the HSA Group ·

· Show you Al Qa’idah town in Yemen & The Base 1-mile South-East:  13.744, 44.154   ·

· Tell you the EXACT origin of the 9/11 plot - inspired by a travel warning I shared in 1997 Yemen ·

Afghanistan 2012

British Territorial Army 2009-13, service number 30088729. April-Sept 2012 in Helmand.
I witnessed one war crime, command crimes, profiteering & misconduct in public office:

· We used a six man human shield to protect our patrol from a possible IED · 

· £400-million of Foxhound vehicle procurement corruption & the deception of a 
government minister (Philip Hammond) cost Bristish & allied personnel their lives

· I protected opium harvesting, from poppy fields on Afghan government land that was irrigated
with water 
purified inside Camp Bastion; we were protecting it from Afghan police / army interference

· Battle of Camp Bastion, 14/15 September 2012: Fifteen Taliban walked between our guard towers & on to our airfield at 10pm. They decimated a Harrier Jump Jet Squadron with hand grenades, raked the airfield with rockets & machine gun fire, & killed two United States Marines who'd mounted a counter attack,
Lt Col Chris 'Otis' Raible (40) & Sergeant Bradley Atwell (27).


I’m documenting my experiences for the public record so the evidence I’ve presented can be acted upon. 

Signed:    Anthony C Heaford  

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it