Dave Dean, Suspected of both CIA & al Qaeda Links

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This is my former work colleague, Dave Dean.  

Whether drinking in his bar (the Sky Box) inside Chicago O'Hare airport cargo terminal or working together in his role as US agent for my former employer, he was always a gentleman.  

He didn’t speak of his military service often and when he did you knew not to probe too much. He did tell me he fought in the nine day battle for the infamous Hamburg Hill in May 1969 but it was only when I read Samuel Zaffiri’s account of the battle some years later that I realised the living nightmare that Dave must carry with him. 

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The book (on PP.168) recounts Dave trying to evacuate his dead friend from the hillside whilst under enemy fire. I guess there’s very few people who can conceive of the unseen scars that that level of deliberaate violence must leave on the human mind.

Dave did tell me how his army career ended - very abruptly at the end of one of his first HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) parachute jumps. Upon 'landing' he swung with such force in to a tree truck he said it broke almost every bone in his body. Wider reading has informed me that the HALO training program ran from 1970-71, tying in with when Dave said he transferred to the special forces. The HALO program was the brainchild of Billy Waugh during his involvement with the top secret Studies and Observations Group. Billy is an infamous special forces soldier who went on to contract for the CIA. His CIA career is said to have included helping to supply weapons and 20-tonnes of high grade explosives to Gaddafi’s Libya in the 1980s, the capture of Carlos the Jackal in Sudan in 1994, and even training al Qaeda in Yemen (as detailed in his autobiography, ‘Hunting the Jackal’).

Dave Dean told me that his HALO parachuting accident was the end of his military career and that he spent the rest of the Vietnam War living in the Philippines, managing a go-go-bar in the city of Angeles besides Clark airforce base. It seems reasonable to me to assume that he maintained contact and Billy Waugh, given that the HALO program that nearly killed Dave was Billy’s brainchild. Running a girly bar frequented by US pilots besides the US airforce's largest base in Asia means he very likely knew a lot about Air America and the CIA’s clandestine activities too, although he never mentioned that to me.

My connection to Dave Dean began in the 1980s, sometime after the boss at my former employer had visited el Salvador where he was installing a printing machine in the government mint. My former boss described to me how on his arrival in el Salvador he was driven by a government representative past a recently executed young man (with fresh blood seeping on to the pavement besides the corpse). The human rights abuses and crimes of the US backed el Salvadorian governments & military of the 1980s are still being investigated. 

The machine sale to the el Salvadorian government mint was of some significance and contributed towards my former bosses winning a prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1987. All that activity was around the same time that he engaged Dave Dean as his US sale agent. I first met in Dave in his role as my former employer’s US sales agent in 1988, when he attended an international printing exhibition in Birmingham, England.

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