18 July 2023: The Police State Covers up Britain’s Role in 9/11

In a constituency meeting with my member of parliament Graham Brady MP I passed him a dossier of intelligence I’d prepared regarding my 1997 business trip to Yemen. Sir Graham agreed to share it on my behalf.

Two days later Mr Brady wrote to say he’d forwarded it to the ‘relevent organisations’. but refused to say who to. An eighteen month battle ensued but in September 2018 the information commissioner ruled in my favour and Brady was forced to reveal who he'd shared my dossier with:

 US embassy’s political officer Thomas Williams, 
 parliament’s Intelligence and Security Commitee chair Dominic Grieve MP,
and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

In the meantime, the US Military Commission investigating 9/11 contacted me in March 2018, saying they were very interested in my published reports and they’d like to sent a team of investigators to Manchester England to interview me that summer. I declined their invitation to interview due to suspicions about their intentions and integrity, later proved to be very prudent judgements (the US Military Cimmission is riddled with corruption).

Mr Brady’s office further confirmed the recipients of my Intel dossier in the email linked here in October 2019.  That further confirmation was requested by myself to counter incredulous harassment of and false allegations against me by Greater Manchester Police. GMP have spied on me and investigate me via my doctors surgery using NHS doctors to deliver their messages but refuse to interview with me legal representation present.

Greater Manchester Police have been a principle tool in discrediting me and my testimony while protecting the highest level criminals - terrorist financiers and profiteers. The British Home Office, my local MP Graham Brady and Manchester's Mayor Andy Burnham all refuse to address this gross police corruption.


Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
© Anthony C Heaford - The Quiet Mancunian