Lt-Gen David Capewell (retired) - a Liar and a Criminal

General Capewell

ex-Leiutenant General David Capewell is a retired British Marine officer who in 2013 deceived a parliamentary inquiry investigating the Taliban’s devastating 2012 attack on Camp Bastion airfield. Mr. Capewell lied to the defence select committee as part of a concerted whitewash of the facts surrounding the airfield raid. The attack cost two US Marines their lives and resulted in the US military’s biggest combat loss of aircraft since the Vietnamese Tet Offensive of 1968. Dodging blame was and continues to be the British military’s primary concern.

That makes Mr. Capewell guilty of misconduct in public office (and probably a few other offences too), but to-date he has been protected by a the police state that currently operates in Britain. 

I, Anthony C Heaford, intend to correct this injustice and will present my irrifutable evidence in due course.