Anthony C Heaford - Me

By fate, fluke and misfortune, I have the following life experiences to share:

Bolivia 1994

I met Carlos Mesa (Bolivian President 2003-05) and a German man who claimed to be a U-boat commander’s son and part of the European Red Army Fraction. The German claimed to be fermenting unrest in Bolivia and Carlos Mesa was delivering a message from the then President, Gonzalo Sánchez. Sánchez is also known as ‘el Gringo’, due to his close US ties and his Miami accent. Carlos Mesa is a candidate in the October 2019 Presidential election. In May 2019 Bolivian police openned formal investigations of Carlos Mesa's financial links to cocaine cartels and corrupt state officials.

Yemen 1997

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During a business trip to Yemen I unwittingly visited an al Qaeda front company and was introduced to AQ members including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before being taken to clandestine meeting besides a town called al Qaidah. The US 9/11 military commission investigators requested to interview me in March 2018 in connection to the ongoing trials at Guantanamo Bay military court. I declined their invitation because they would not discuss witness protection status with me. 

Colombia 2006

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I had a run-in and face-off with some paramilitaries in Tayrona National Park, lodged with two men I believe were Afrikaans mercenaries and saw German kidnap victims in Minca before meeting ‘Adolfo’ in Santa Marta too. I think I have a pretty good overview of the paramilitary (ex-AUC) activity there and the claimed transfer of cocaine production (establishing coca plantations) to Uganda by said men. In 2017 Uganda’s first know cocaine production facility was discovered and destroyed by local police.

Afghanistan 2012

British Area of Responsibility Poppy Map

I served a six-month tour in Helmand with the British army and am now a whistleblower on £400-million of Whitehall procurement corruption, British soldiers guarding opium harvesting on Afghan government land, criminal failures of senior commanders that lost lives and the mission, and criminal orders issued by the most senior commanders, the evidence of which has been accepted by the International Criminal Court. I am also witness to the subsequent military and government coverup of the abject failure that our mission in Helmand became.