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By fate, fluke and misfortune, I have the following life experiences to share:

1987 England

Boarding school holds my happiest childhood memories for one principle reason - they had a Combined Cadet Force with army camps and guns. School was just a transition to a planned military life for me, a career I’d set my sights on long ago, when I was still only a toddler. I felt born to be a soldier.

I'd decided on a soldier’s life after watching news reels from Vietnam, specifically one of soldiers walking past a old woman carrying a napalm burnt baby. I was only two years old when that incident happened but I remember seeing the film footage on television and thinking how much the old woman looked like my Grandma. I asked why no one was helping her. “It’s not their job” was the reply. I decided that was not an acceptable answer but to change it I would have to become a soldier first. It was seeing army cadet photos in the school literature that made me chose a boarding school aged eleven.

Before leaving boarding school in 1987 I'd won a place at a top military college near Chepstow and I had a career plan too; five years in the British army followed by five years with the French Foreign Legion and then a review of the situation.

Sadly it wasn’t to be. At seventeen years old I needed a parental signature to join the British army, something I asked for but failed to get. My parents wanted me to attend a prestigious private college locally, and so my summer holiday continued and within a weekend or two I was dancing on speed (amphetamine) till 4am in the Hacienda nightclub, had become a regular dope smoker and was soon funding that life by working underage behind bar in the roughest pub in town. I'd miss a shot at the army, but there was no way I was missing out on those early Madchester days: I'd seen the light fantastic and it was beautiful.

1989 Motorcycle Accident

A sixty mile per hour collision between my motorcycle and a Volvo estate car left me fighting for my life with a fractured skull and multiple fractured jaw, a compound fractured thigh, a broken heel bone and broken toes. I was very lucky to survive and make such a full recovery - eventually. My last surgery in a long series of delayed operations was in 2016 when my big toe, broken in 1989, was finally reset. Other surgery included the removal of a 2” screw from my heel in 2006; removal of 14 screws and 12” metal plate from my thigh in 2008 (allowing me to join the army reserves in 2009); repair of a detatched (since 1989!) quad muscle in 2014 and finally resetting my big toe which was broken twenty-seven years before. My original treatment had been cut short in 1991, after I was refused time off work to complete the fracture clinic’s recommended course of surgery. Before I could resume my treatment my surgeon retired and my notes were lost, resulting in a twenty-seven year battle to complete my treatment that was interupted in 1991.

The experience of nearly dying in an accident at eighteen, combined with the pain and disability I've suffered over decades (because of my interrupted treatment) account for my decisions to travel more, experience more and enjoy life more, circumstances allowing of course. 

1994/95 Backpacking

hitchhiking bolivia titled

After finishing a soul crushing five year mechanical fitter apprenticeship whilst working in my Father’s engineering business, I took a career break. I backpacked for four months in the Philippines (where I am sure I first saw Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, randomly walking in front of me and into a bar in Manila) and spent a couple of months in Thailand and Dubai. That was followed with six months touring South America. It was in Bolivia that I gate crashed a meeting between a future president of Bolivia and a German man claiming Nazi parentage and Red Army Faction membership. 

It all began without warning when the two men burst into the common room of our Andean mountain guest house, accompanied by at least three immaculately dressed and well armed bodyguards.

The other guests in the common room soon left but a Mancunian friend and I decided to stay and see what was going on. Edward, the guest house’s German owner was one of the men and he invited us to join him and his very well protected visitor, who introduced himself as Carlos. It wasn’t until years later - 2018 - that I realised Carlos was Carlos Mesa - an academic / media celebratory in 1994 and President of Bolivia from 2003-05. Mesa was a presidential candidate in Bolivia’s 2019 elections too, the reason I noticed him again. That entirely random but incredibly interesting 1994 meeting in the Copacabana guest house in Sorata, Bolivia is detailed in my report linked here:  A Bolivian President & a European Terrorist

1997 The Global Deep State

Chicago, April 1997 - I rejoined my Father’s (John) business after he asked me to leave a contract job with Air BP (the aircraft refueling division of the oil giant) at Manchester airport, to become a service technician for him. BP countered his job offer with a permanent contract offer, but John suggested he could give me more job security (he made me redundant in 1998) and so I took his offer. Althoguh I knew his US salesman was ex-US Special Forces, I had no idea he was still active or of John’s wider business relationships with the British and US security services at that time.

On a businesss trip with him to an industry exhibition in Chicago in April 1997 I met his customers from Longulf Trading of London who were purchasing machinery in Chicago for a mysterious end customer in Yemen. I now know Longulft Trading were a subsiduary office of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group, a multi billion dollar global conglomerate with documented terrorism funding links dating back to 1982. Longulf were in Chicago to purchase millions of dollars worth of machinery to furnish Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s terror cell’s front company, which was inside the HSA Group’s headquarter’s compound in Yemen.

And that was my unwitting introduction to the Deep State, a world where billionaire financiers of terrorism shop in Chicago to curry favour for shadowy associates of the US security services (my Father’s US salesman) and their masters (the Deep State). My Father’s role was as a beneficiary and service provider, giving a little legitimacy to a terrorist front company in Yemen while adding to Britain’s all important foreign trade balance sheet. 

And it was all done in plain sight; a spectacle of wealth, power and influence at a busy international exhibition centre, McCormick Place in Chicago. The next day a senior British foreign office official visited the exhibition centre and my Father’s sales stand too, sitting in the same seats as were occupied by multi-million dollar terrorist financiers just twenty-four hours before.

Yemen, September 1997: Sent to Yemen by my Father as an unwitting CIA patsy, installing printing machinery in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s front company, inside the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ.

work in progress




Dubai (again)

and London…. all within six-months of my September 1997 visit to Yemen

1998 - 2005 Germany, Morocco and South East Asia

After being made redundant by my Father in April 1998 I got a job with a German company as a service technician for their electro-mechanical printing press control systems. From 1999 I travelled regularly to the company headquarters near Hanover, not far from where the Hamburg Cell were planning 9/11. 

I holidayed in Morocco each Christmas starting in 1998 and lived there for six months in 2003/04 after quitting my service technician due to stress. After driving from Manchester to Marrakesh I worked as a self funded volunteer for a British animal charity for four months. I turned down a good job offer from the charity in February 2004 and instead decided to continue my travels. Twelve months of 2004/05 was spent in south east Asia, living in Thailand but visiting the Philippines & Cambodia too.

Colombia 2006

I had a run-in and face-off with some paramilitaries in Tayrona National Park, lodged with two men I believe were Afrikaans mercenaries and saw German kidnap victims in Minca before meeting ‘Adolfo’ in Santa Marta too. I think I have a pretty good overview of the paramilitary (ex-AUC) activity there and the claimed transfer of cocaine production (establishing coca plantations) to Uganda by said men. In 2017 Uganda’s first know cocaine production facility was discovered and destroyed by local police.

Afghanistan 2012

I served a six-month tour in Helmand with the British army and am now a whistleblower on £400-million of Whitehall procurement corruption, British soldiers guarding opium harvesting on Afghan government land, criminal failures of senior commanders that lost lives and the mission, and criminal orders issued by the most senior commanders, the evidence of which has been accepted by the International Criminal Court. I am also witness to the subsequent military and government coverup of the abject failure that our mission in Helmand became. 

Britain 2015 to date