Abdul Rasul Sayyaf - 9/11’s True Mastermind

by Anthony C Heaford, last updated 02:00 GMT 16 August 2021 (added memes & images in gallery below)

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf is a Godfather figure in Afghan politics - as in a Mafioso Godfather - but he remains an obscure figure on the international stage despite his blindingly obvious role in international terrorism. The man has a terror group,
Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, named after him for goodness sake! That came about after he trained, mentored and financed their founder, Filipino Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani.

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The US 9/11 Commission’s report of 2004 names him six times, identifying him as 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s employer, trainer and mentor.

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A 1985 declassified CIA assessment of Sayyaf calls him “the Arab’s fair-haired child” , primarily because of his Wahhabi ideology and Saudi links. It was also because of his role as a conduit for Arabian Gulf nations financial donations to the Afghan Mujahideen cause. Over the course of the War that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, a portion of which Sayyaf is accused by his fellow Mujahideen of stealing to fund his own insurgent organisation. The CIA’s financing of the Mujahideen was via other avenues, such as via Pakistan and illicit arms deals. Osama bin Laden’s contributions would have been minuscule in comparison, mostly in direct aid such as building projects (the Tora Bora cave complex) and donated construction equipment. As the ‘Arab’s fair-haired child  Sayyaf was also close to Osama bin Laden, a mentor in fact. 

Born in 1946 Afghanistan, Sayyaf had studied in Kabul before gaining a Masters degree at Al Azhar University in Egypt, the same university al Qaeda's founder, Palestinian Abdullah Azzam, attended.  

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Sayyaf’s connection to the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing: 

KSM’s nephew Ramzi Yousef trained in Sayyaf’s camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan before travelling to New York. In New York he attempted to murder 250,000-people by collapsing one WTC tower in to the other using a bomb. It did explode and killed six innocent people and an unborn baby, but it did not cause the collapse the tower as they had intended. KSM supported this attack financially & with advice.

Sayyaf’s connection to Ahmed Shah Massoud’s murder, two days before 9/11: 

As well as employing 9/11 mastermind KSM from 1988-92, Sayyaf also vouched for and sent the assassins posing as journalists who murdered Ahmed Shah Massoud just two days before 9/11, on 9th Sept 2001.

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