The Progression of the 9/11 Plot (Draft Version)

By Anthony C Heaford, 14 February 2021 

 Here’s my speculation as to how the 9/11 plot evolved, a first draft typed ‘freehand’

September 1997
The 9/11 attacks method was passed to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s (KSM) terrorist cell in Yemen by me, Anthony C Heaford, a random visiting service technician.

Utilizing a global network of sleeper cells setup by KSM whilst employed by Abdul Rasul Sayyaf (working for Sayyaf’s ‘Services Office’ in Peshawar, Pakistan from 1988-92) immediately began preparations. The Hamburg Cell was notified immediately and one hijacker/pilot switching courses from dentistry to aeronautical engineering.

October 1997
Lead hijacker pilot Mohammed Atta and Ramzi bin al-Shibh travelled to Yemen and began to formulate an exact plan whilst staying at the training camp by al Qa’idah town.

November 1997
Hani Hanjour who’d already had flying lessons in the USA was sent back to the US for further flight training and to make preparations for additional personnel to do the same.

January 1998
KSM approves Mohammed Atta’s initial plan and takes this to his boss Sayyaf in Afghanistan for approval. Atta returned to Germany, consolidating the Hamburg Cell and to await approval of their plan. Atta and the Hamburg Cell have a celebration on his return to Germany to mark the success of this initial stage for the plot.

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf approves the plan after consultation with his Saudi and CIA bosses, and with their approval hatches a plan to blame Osama bin Laden and the Taliban for the attacks. Sayyaf adds a caveat that Ahmed Shah Massoud must be eliminated before the attacks so that when the US attacked Afghanistan it would be forced to align with Sayyaf and his allies rather than the moderate Massoud.

Sayyaf asked the CIA to murder Massoud but they refused, saying Sayyaf must arrange that. Sayyaf says he can’t get access for the assassins who would kill Massoud and so the CIA say they will demonstrate this is possible themselves. The CIA then assign their asset Robert Young Pelton (RYP) to interview the hard to reach Massoud to give proof to Sayyaf this can be done.

August 1999
RYP completes his task, publishing a video that details his journey to meet Massoud in detail whilst bizarrely barely mentioning the actual interview with the legendary commander who the documentary is supposed to be about – i.e. this was a travel guide for the future assassins.

September 1999
Sayyaf then gives final approval to the 9/11 plot and must now get evidence to frame OBL & the Taliban for the attacks that they know nothing about.

November 1999
Via a senior al Qaeda operative based in Germany (who is related to OBL’s second in command (2IC)) – a Mohamedou Salahi – Sayyaf sends a message though OBL’s 2IC to Salahi to arrange for members of the Hamburg Cell to travel to Afghanistan and meet with OBL. Salahi meets with the Hamburg Cell members and gives them detailed instructions about travelling to Afghanistan and meeting OBL.

OBL’s 2IC gives Atta the approval for the plot he prepared in Yemen in 1997/98 and introduces him to the Saudi muscle hijackers who’ve been assembled in preparation.

January 2000
After leaving Afghanistan Atta travels to the Philippines to celebrate before returning to Germany to make final preparations before departing for the USA.

The hijackers and pilots depart for the US en-masse to begin their training and prepartions for the attacks

August 2001
The final preparation for the attacks in the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud. The assassins were likely assisted by British MI6, getting a letter of endorsement as journalists from a London Mosque and had spent several weeks staying with Sayyaf in Afghanistan as Sayyaf attempted to gain access to Massoud for them.

Three weeks before 9/11 that access to Massoud for the assassins was achieved by Sayyaf. Ramzi bin al-Shibh of the Hamburg Cell (who was unable to get a US visa) acted as a liaison between Sayyaf and the hijackers, probably through Mohamedou Salahi and OBL’s 2IC, passing the messages that the attacks should commence in the next few weeks. One of the final messages from the attackers to al-Shibh was “Give my regards to the Professor” – Sayyaf’s name within the group was and remains “The Professor”. The Taliban may or may not have had a role in Massoud’s murder through the duplicitous Sayyaf, but even if they did they still had no idea about the wider plot. The fight tickets for 9/11 are purchased based on this news

09 September 2001
Sayyaf’s assassins are successful and that final preparation – the murder of Massoud – is complete. Massoud’s allies try to prevent news of his death from being broadcast to prevent disarray in their forces who were defending themselves from the Taliban at the time.

10 September 2001
The BBC World Service broadcasts news of Massoud’s death at the behest of MI6, pleased their part in the plot to murder Massoud has succeed and desperate to ensure the hijackers in America are aware this has been done.

11 September 2001
The long held plan of the Deep State elements within the CIA, MI6, etc for a ‘forever War’ of global reach comes to fruition as the first plane strikes the World Trade Centre that morning.

There maybe a few errors and omissions in this report, but having been subject to six years of psychological torture by the British security service for my revealing KSM’s presence in Yemen in 1997, I am in no frame of mind to be doing this task on my own. I am proverbially hanging on to the edge for dear life as I battle every element of the Deep State, including my own family. It was my Father who setup my 1997 visit to KSM’s front company in Yemen and it is my own family who have attacked, maligned, discredited and attempted to destroy me over the last six years as I have tried to expose my knowledge of my role in the initialization of the 9/11 plot, and how that came about - through my Father’s connections in the CIA, principally his US sales agent Dave Dean, a CIA contractor.