British Tax Havens Used by al Qaeda’s Financiers

by Anthony C Heaford - 18 February 2019

In March 1997 three family relations of the Yemeni financiers and facilitators of al Qaeda started using the British Cayman Islands tax haven - they were Abdullah Saeed, Mohamed Saeed and Dirham Saeed. They did this by becoming directors of a financial shell company called Atlantic Investments Limited which was setup three years earlier by three members of the St Clair-Morgan family - Nicholas, David and Christopher - all apparently residents of the British tax haven of Jersey.

I can prove their connection to al Qaeda by the given address of Abdullah Saeed - P.O. Box 5302, Taiz, Yemen. This is the same address that I visited in September 1997 and is where Yasser Saeed introdued me to al Qaeda.


P.O. Box 5302 is where I met al Qaeda members Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ahmed al Darbi before Yasser Saeed arranged a clandestine meeting for me to meet more al Qaeda members at their base besides al Qaidah town.

This link between the Saeed family of Yemen, the St Clair-Morgan family of Jersey and the Cayman Island based Atlantic Investments Limited is documented in the leaked ‘Paradise Papers’, as shown in this screen shot from the ICIJ website: 

 One month after becoming directors of the Atlantic Investments shell company the Saeed family went on a multi-million dollar spending spree in the United States, effectively to buy political and diplomatic immunity for their close collusion with al Qaeda in Yemen. That shopping spree was to purchase industrial machinery to provide a ‘legitimate’ business front to the warehouses in Yemen where foriegn national al Qaeda members were being trained and were preparing attacks on the USA - including the US embassy bombings in Africa, the USS Cole attack and 9/11. I do not have to prove this al Qaeda presence in Yemen because the former US ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine, has already done that for me in this self-promoting interview:

The Conservative Members of Parliament Linked to al Qaeda’s Financiers

I can show exactly who and how currently serving Conservative MPs have both profited from and continue to protect al Qaeda’s most senior directors, through private donations and by upholding Britain’s offshore banking secrecy.

These news reports show how five Conservative politicians have used their expense accounts to visit a tropical paradise. They most often do this with their wives in tow. Their visits are to advise the offshore bankers who deny Britain its tax revenues how to maintain their anominity and continue operating their immoral tax loopholes.

Details of how individual Conservative Party MPs have personally benefited from facilitating such tax avoidance schemes, at the cost of the British people and nation, are to follow.

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