2017 9 May - New Al Qaeda Dossier Compiled & Shared

I compile and share a new dossier detailing my prediction of 9/11 and my experiences in 1997 Yemen. I share this dossier with British counter terrorism police and a couple of journalists / NGOs. That dossier is linked here.

CORRECTION NOTE (added 7 October 2022): The dossier linked above contains some errors, such as I say I arrived in Yemen in 1997 with only the misspelt company name (GenPak) and a PO Box address. Truth is I only had the destination city name (Taiz) and the misspelt company name when I arrived in Yemen, not the PO Box address. 

I did not discover the PO Box address until 2015 when my brother Nigel Heaford checked our family business database for me and told me the purchase agent was Longulf Trading. From that information I found Longulf’s parent company (Hayel Saeed Anam Group) headquarters address was PO Box 5302 Taiz Yemen. I also found a online company listing for the YemPak company (correct spelling) I visited, listing PO Box 5302 as their address. 

I don’t remember where I got the Taiz city name from in 1997 as it is not in my notes but I must have had it to be able to tell the taxi driver at Sanaa airport where to go. I assume the Taiz destination must have been given me by my factory manager Tony Preece when he briefed me about the Yemen visit details, even though the only delivery address he had (or would give me) was Sanaa.

Why am I sure I didn’t have the company address in 1997? Because neither of my two customer database entires from 1997 have the address noted. One entry was made before I traveled to Yemen, with the misspelt company name (GenPak) and the machine delivery address of ’Sanaa’, as advised to me by Tony Preece. The second entry (made on site in Yemen) has the correctly spelt company name (YemPak) but still lists the address as Sanaa.

How / why did I misreport that in the dossier linked above, along with other mistakes / contradictions in my various accounts of my experiences in 1997 Yemen?

· First reason is my being overwhelmed by the amount of information (from Afghanistan, Yemen, USA, Britain, etc over twenty-plus years) I’m trying to process & convey (on top of my dyslexic condition first diagnosed in 1982)

· Second reason is the pressure I’ve been placed under by the British State / Deep State since first reporting my concerns about my service in Afghanistan to Brigadier Nick Fitzgerald in November 2013. That ‘pressure’ started with the army ‘old boy network' sabotaging my employment opportunities from December 2013 on, and has extended to my NHS doctor, British police and countless others absuing their positions of trust and authority to both discredit and aggrevate me. They have very nearly driven me insane in an attempt to hide their crimes.

How do I know I’m right now? A lot of research, new and original documents confirming/correcting memories, and sheer hard work make me as certain as I can be I now have a very accurate (if not perfect) account of events. 

How can my account be confirmed? Easily with the original photos and documents I have, using a polygraph test, a release of NSA records such as the communications hub in Sanaa Yemen they monitored, etc.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it