1997, October — Jakarta business trip

One month after my business trip to Yemen I was sent to install a machine in Indonesia. This was in another technician’s area of responsibility (Asia), to a very important customer, and on machinery (a gravure proof press) that I’d not installed before. It appeared very odd to me that I was tasked with this installation. I only report it here because of the Hayel Saeed Anam Group (my Yemen customer) business links to Indonesia, the fact that I had met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed one month before inside the Hayel Saeed Anam Group HQ in Yemen, and because of my subsequent visits to New York, Manila and Dubai (twice) that I suspect were connected to my meetings and conversations in September 1997 Yemen.

The machine had been sold to Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) Indonesia (which is owned by the Rodamas Group) via DIC Graphics which is a printing ink and sales subsidiary of DIC Corporation – the world’s largest producer of printing inks, pigment and other chemicals that operate under DIC and Sun Chemical name.

There was nothing unusual about this visit other than the fact I had been sent (rather than a technician more familiar with gravure printing), and that I had not been briefed as to the significance (sales potential) of these customers. I was taken to a very expensive meal (private room & personal chef) by a Mike Hoshino (DIC Graphics contact?) and his boss (Yasou Suzuki?) but I do not recall any significance (other than very kind hospitality) of our conversations.

Supporting .pdf file containing corresponding diary entry, original customer database entry & photo

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