— 2015, 9 February — Private Eye informed of Yemen’s 9/11 link

"9/11 Yemen/Saudi link anecdote"

This previously forgotten email proves that  on 9 February 2015 I was sharing information about Yemeni business links with al Qaeda and 9/11 with Private Eye political magazine . 

The Saudi led coalition attacks on Yemen started on 26 March 2015, about seven-weeks after I had sent this information to Private Eye’s London office.

 I had informed Private Eye magazine of this “information” in an attempt to validate another piece of intelligence that I wanted them to report. I now realise why they did not follow-up on this anecdote and did a shameful hatchet job on the other first-hand information I passed them regarding British army complicity in opium production

Private Eye magazine and its editor Ian Hislop are part of the establishment.

Truly, for some of us nothing is written, unless we write it 
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